9 county wrestlers advance to quarterfinals

Stephanie King

The 2017 NCHSAA State Individual Wrestling Tournament got underway on Thursday with the opening round at the Greensboro Coliseum. Individual wrestlers from the 2A, 3A, and 4A battled it out all afternoon in hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals on Friday. Nine of the twenty-one Randolph County Wrestlers that wrestled on Thursday won their opening round matches and will advance to the quarterfinals on Friday. Winning wrestlers were Hayden Caldwell (WHS), Ethan Oakley (PGHS), Nathan Oakley (PGHS), Jared Nimeitalo (WHS), Chase McKinney (WHS), Tyler Johson (THS), Cody Hyatt (THS), Devin Daugherty (WHS), Talon Flowers (SWR). Quarterfinals will follow First Consolations which will begin at 9AM on Friday. The 1A wrestlers with participate in their quarterfinals at 2PM.

Randolph County Results:

2A 106 Hayden Caldwell (WHS) defeated Casey Hutchins (SUCE) 9-2 decision

2A 113 Lee Strafford (THS) fell to Matt Garrett (FACE) 11-7 decision

2A 113 Osama Hanif (RHS) fell to Corey Smith (Dixon) fall

2A 120 Ethan Oakley (PGHS) defeated Tyler Thomas (MAID)

2A 126 Alston Chambers (WHS) fell to Cade Mcdonald (MTPL)

2A 126 Nathan Oakley (PGHS) defeated Quinn Walker (NOSU)

2A 132 Jared Nimeitalo (WHS) defeated Tony Locke (NOJA)

2A 138 Cain Steiner (RHS) fell to Colby Teague (BAND)

2A 138 Chase McKinney (WHS) defeated Cannon Bridges (WELI)

2A 145 Myles Somero (WHS) fell to Adams Johns (MTPL)

2A 145 Tyler Johnson (THS) defeated Tyrese Murphy (CARV)

2A 145 Skylr Stinson (PGHS) fell to Ethan Call (WWILKES)

2A 152 Kristian Kessler (WHS) fell to Grant Hall (CROA)

2A 182 Chris Baker (WHS) fell to Tyrone Watson (NOBR)

2A 195 Chris Roberts (RHS) fell to Timothy Abbee (DRAU)

2A 220 Cody Hyatt (RHS) defeated Jonathon Delcid (LEXI)

2A 285 Devin Daugherty (WHS) defeated Khalic Everett (NOPI)

3A 126 Bailey Mullen (AHS) fell to Blake Baker (STST)

3A 132 Austin Curry (AHS) fell to Keyonte Williams (RMT)

3A 152 Talon Flowers (SWR) defeated Clay Langfeldet (JAX)

3A 160 Brandon Mancilla (SWR) fell to Parker Holcomb (UNPI)

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