Asheboro defeats Southwestern Randolph

Kaitlyn Mullins

Tuesday night the Asheboro Blue Comets hosted the Cougars of Southwestern Randolph for their annual dig pink night for breast cancer awareness month.

The Comets opened the first set with an early 2-0 lead. Anna Kate Schiebel slammed down a kill to give the Cougars their first lead of the night. Southwestern Randolph took a 6-2 lead over the Comets before a tip from Leah Reid allowed Asheboro to close the gap to two points. Due to a serving error on the Comets, the Cougars gained a free point to make it an 8-5 set. Southwestern Randolph returned the favor as they served an error to give Asheboro 6 points. Peyton LeRoy slid in a tip and A. Schiebel laid down the kill to give the Cougars a 14-8 lead over the Comets.  Asheboro gained back to back points to give themselves 13 points. Southwestern Randolph went on a scoring spree for a 22-13 lead. Kesley Nance picked the Comets up with three aces to give Asheboro 18 points. Southwestern Randolph held the Comets in the first set 25-19.

Reid started the Comets out with a tip to start the second set. Asheboro led 2-0 before a serving error allowed the Cougars a free point. Chloe Smith gained a tip as well as a back row attack to put the Comets in the lead by 5 points. Southwestern Randolph kept fighting and came back to cut the lead to 7-8. Cassidy Schiebel picked up a kill for the Cougars, but Asheboro extended their lead to five points with back to back blocks from Reid and Kovash. Reid also picked up a kill as she made it a 15-9 set. A. Schiebel closed the gap to five points for the Cougars with a kill. Southwestern Randolph picked themselves up as they came back to take a 21-19 lead. Smith and Diamond McDowell put the Comets back in front 24-21. The Cougars closed the gap to one point but were unable to take the second set. Asheboro held the Cougars 25-23 for the win in the second set.

Southwestern Randolph took the first point in the third set, but a block from Reid and Kovash helped the Comets take a 3-1 lead. Payton Shiftlet picked up a block as well as a kill to help tie the match at 5 apiece for the Cougars. LeRoy sent a hit over the net to help the Cougars take a 12-6 lead. Smith gained a kill to close the gap to five points for the Comets. Southwestern Randolph pulled ahead 15-9, but Reid picked up another block to close the gap to five points for Asheboro. Shiftlet slammed down a kill as the Cougars took a 21-14 lead. The Comets fell short in the third set as they finished with 18 points. Southwestern Randolph took the third set 25-18.

The Comets started strong in the fourth set as they took an early 5-0 lead. A tip from Ashton Maness gave the Cougars their first point of the set. Kovash gave the Comets six points as she tipped the ball over the net. Southwestern Randolph came back to tie the set at six all. A. Schiebel served an ace and Lindsey Keye picked up a kill to help the Cougars. The Comets pulled ahead once more with a 9-6 lead. The Cougars brought the game back within one point, but a kill from McDowell allowed Asheboro to extend their lead to six points. Southwestern Randolph scored three points in a row to close the gap to two points. A block from Reid put the Comets up 16-12 before a serving error on the Comets allowed the Cougars to make it a 16-19 set. Kovash led Asheboro to 22 points as she sent a kill over the net. Southwestern Randolph gained their last point of the set off a serving error on the Comets. Asheboro took the fourth set 25-18.

Asheboro began the fifth set as they scored the first point. Southwestern Randolph quickly gained their first point, but the Comets picked up back to back tips from Mary Kate Kovash and Rachel Luna. The Cougars gained a point before Asheboro went on a 3-0 run to make it an 8-3 set. Southwestern Randolph closed the gap to four points, but Asheboro quickly extended their lead to 9 points. Luna helped lead the way with an ace for the Comets. Southwestern Randolph picked up back to back points as Cassidy Schiebel tipped the ball over the net. Asheboro was able to hold the Cougars and take the final set 15-7.

Asheboro Stats:

Kesley Nance – 3 aces, 25 assists, 18 digs
Mary Cate Kovash – 11 kills, 2 blocks, 7 digs
Chloe Smith – 10 kills, 1 assist, 2 blocks
Leah Reid – 8 kills, 3 blocks
Rachel Luna – 1 ace, 5 kills, 2 assists, 17 digs
Taylor Hildreth – 1 ace, 3 assists, 20 digs

Southwestern Randolph Stats:

Cassidy Schiebel – 13 kills, 2 aces
Payton Shiflet – 12 kills, 20 digs
Ashton Maness – 8 kills, 12 digs
Anna Kate Schiebel – 5 kills, 8 blocks
Meredith Smith – 31 digs
Peyton LeRoy – 41 assists, 19 digs

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