Asheboro shuts down Patriots

Kaitlyn Mullins

Wednesday night the Providence Grove Lady Patriots hosted the Asheboro Lady Blue Comets for a matchup in soccer.

Taking the first touch on the ball was the Patriots as they tried to make their way down the field. Asheboro was quick on their feet as they captured the ball and took off. From the beginning, the Comets led the way in touches and took early attempts at the goal. Dribbling the ball to the net surpassing the goalie was Emma Trotter as she put the Comets on the board. A minute later Asheboro jetted straight to the net as Rachel Luna made it a 2-0 game. Providence Grove’s goalie was able to gain some saves. Annabeth Trotter crossed the ball to Jenna Brinkley as she tapped the ball in the back of the net to give the Comets a 3-0 lead. Just seconds later, Brinkley took the ball downfield and scored another goal for Asheboro. The Patriots were able to take a run with the ball but came up short. Finishing the first half was Ashley Garcia as she scored off a pass from Whitney Hoffman. At the half, Asheboro led 5-0.

Leading things in the second half were the Comets as they took the first touch on the ball. Right away the Comets dominated as they were able to get downfield with no problem. The Patriots’ defense was no match up against Brinkley as she pulled off the hat trick with her third goal of the night. Providence Grove gained a touch on the ball but was unable to get passed the Comets’ defense. Trotter carried the ball down the field as she took a shot and made it a 7-0 game. The Patriots goalie kept fighting as she was able to save a few shots. Ending the game for the Comets was Garcia as she scored the ninth and final goal. Asheboro took down Providence Grove 9-0.

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