Asheboro takes a clean sweep over Eastern Randolph

Ending the week in a high school matchup in basketball were the Asheboro Blue Comets as they hosted the Eastern Randolph Wildcats.

Leading things off in the first quarter was Rachel Luna as she drained a three for the Comets. Drawing a foul early was Diamond McDowell as she made both shots with ease. Asheboro led 5-0 before Courtnee Carter scored the Wildcats’ first basket. Carter was the only scorer for Eastern Randolph in the first quarter. Scoring three points the old fashion way was Tanaesha Ellison as she made it a 13-3 game. Ending the first quarter with a three-pointer was Kesley Nance. Asheboro led 16-3 at the end of the first.

Beginning the second quarter on the foul line was Ellison as she made both free throws. Driving the ball to the net was Tehya Jordan as gave Eastern Randolph 5 points. Swishing the three-pointer was Selina Hicks. Closing the gap to 14 points for the Wildcats was Kolbie Snider. The Comets used teamwork as they were able to score four straight baskets. Leading the way for Asheboro was McDowell, Ellison, and Nance. Ending the second quarter with a layup was T. Jordan. At the half, Asheboro led 30-9.

Coming back from the half strong were the Comets as McDowell and Ellison extended their lead to 27 points. Snider helped the Wildcats out as she rebounded the ball for a basket. Nance and Ellison swished back to back three-pointers to give Asheboro 43 points. Carter pulled up for the jump shot as she gave Eastern Randolph 13 points. Stepping on the foul line was A. Christian as she made one out of her two free shots. Yazzmyn Johnson finished out the third quarter for the Comets as they had 47 points. Ending the third quarter was Carter as she gave the Wildcats 15 points. After three complete quarters, Asheboro led 47-15.

Opening the fourth quarter with a three was #22 as she helped close the gap to 29 points for the Wildcats. Ellison put in the jump shot as she made it a 49-18 game. The Wildcats made back to back shots as they made it a 23-49 game. Nailing a three-pointer for the Comets was Hicks. Returning the favor was Lilly Whitaker as she gave the Wildcats 26 points. Drawing a foul was McDowell as she made one out of the two free shots. #32 finished the fourth quarter with two baskets in a row. Asheboro held their lead as they defeated the Wildcats 55-30.

Top scorers for the Comets were Tanaesha Ellison with 16 points, Diamond McDowell with 10 points, and Kesley Nance and Selina Hick both had 9 points. For the Wildcats Courtnee Carter led with 9 points, Tehya Jordan finished with 7 points, and chipping in 5 points was A. Christian.

The boys battled it out in a close game.

Staring strong after tip-off we’re the Wildcats as they took a 4-0 lead. Zion Warner was able to draw a foul and Braxton Luther nailed a three. The Comets were able to catch up as Noah Watkins swished a three following a basket to give Asheboro the lead. The Comets continued their lead as Nate Fisher and Tysean Freshwater hit back to back threes. Luther scored three points the old fashion way as he drew a foul with his basket. Luther, Kaemen Marley, and Avery Jones were able to give Eastern Randolph a one-point lead. Ending the first quarter with a buzzer beater was Watkins as he swished a three-pointer. After one complete quarter, Asheboro led 16-14.

Marley began the second quarter by tying the game at 16 points. Luther and Jalen Jones extended the Wildcats lead as they made it a 24-16 game. The Comets were able to pick up some points as they drew three straight fouls. Stepping to the line was Freshwater and Fisher as they gave Asheboro 21 points. Luther kept shooting as he scored four points in a row. Freshwater was able to drive a basket and give the Comets 23 points. Eastern Randolph finished out the second quarter with a 31-23 lead.

Leading things off in the third quarter was Marsh as he closed the gap to 6 points. Marley was able to push the lead back to 8 points, but Corey Durrant was able to pull up for the jumper as he made it a 27-33 game. Jones and Zack Manley helped the Wildcats move their lead back out to 11 points. Watkins added a basket to the Comets total. Marley led the way for Eastern Randolph as he finished them out with 45 points in the third quarter. The Comets kept fighting as Marsh drove and scored back to back baskets. After three complete quarters, the Wildcats held a 45-36 lead.

Asheboro began strong in the fourth quarter as the Fisher quickly made it a 41-45 game. Freshwater drew the foul and added one point to the Comets total before Watkins tied the game at 45 all. Taking the ball down the court was Jones as he drained a three for the Wildcats. Freshwater took the ball back as he kept the game within one point for the Comets and drew a foul in the process. Freshwater scored three points the old fashion way to tie the game at 48 all. The game then became a fouling game as both teams traded shots at the line. Eastern Randolph took a 51-49 lead, but Marsh swished a three to give the Comets the lead. Stepping on the foul line was Luther as he made both shots to tie the game at 54 all. Asheboro was able to take a 57-54 lead as Freshwater made both free throws and Durrant added two points with a basket. Eastern Randolph tried to catch up but was unable to as Manley made one out of his two free throws. Asheboro took the win over Eastern Randolph 57-55

Top scorers for the Comets were Noah Watkins with 16 points, Tysean Freshwater with 14 points, and Nate Fisher with 12 points. For the Wildcats, Braxton Luther chipped in 17 points and Jalen Jones had 15 points.

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