Asheboro’s season comes to an end

Kaitlyn Mullins

The Asheboro Blue Comets kicked off the third round 3A state soccer playoffs on Tuesday against the Corinth Holders Pirates at Lee J. Stone Stadium.

Getting first touch on the ball were the Pirates as they wasted no time working the ball down the field. Corinth Holders scored within the first two minutes of the game for a 1-0 lead. Anu Kane scores the goal to put the Pirates on the board. The Pirates did not stop there as they made clean passes and found the back of the net three minutes later for the second time. Asheboro did not get discouraged as they continued to fight for possession of the ball. Corinth Holders played aggressively as they rushed to the ball and communicated with each other on every play. Asheboro found a couple openings late in the first half, but were unable to put the ball in the net. At the half, Asheboro trailed 2-0.

Asheboro got first touch on the ball in the second half and tried to find a way on the board. A foul committed by the Comets seven minutes into the half, gave the Pirates a chance at a penalty kick. Lexie Chase put the Pirates up 3-0 as she scored the penalty kick. The Comets had better control of the ball in the second half as they communicated with each other. Seventeen minutes into the second half the Comets let their guard down as they allowed Carolina Solis to dribble around them and score the Pirates fourth goal of the game. With ten minutes on the clock, the Blue Comets tried to put together a couple plays for their first goal. Asheboro could not get the ball in the net as Corinth Holders regained possession. The Pirates scored their fifth goal of the game soon after as Sierra Gaudett found the back of the net. With under two minutes left, the Pirates put an exclamation point on the win as they scored their sixth and final goal of the night. Asheboro fell 6-0 as their season comes to an end.

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