ATMS takes RMS to the mat

Stephanie King

The ATMS Bulldogs made the drive to Randleman on Wednesday to take on the RMS Tigers in a middle school wrestling match. The Bulldogs took an early 9-6 lead before pulling away for good. ATMS picked up a 72-24 win.

Individual Match Results:

76: Jordan (RMS) pinned Hall (ATMS)
83: May (ATMS) defeated Adams (RMS)
90: Thomas (ATMS) pinned McCloud (RMS)
98: Strickland (ATMS) defeated Leonard (RMS)
106: Swaney (ATMS) pinned Price (RMS)
113: Dennis (ATMS) defeated Garcia (RMS)
120: Albertson (ATMS) pinned Beane (RMS)
126: Burgfeld (ATMS) pinned Allred (RMS)
132: D. Hodges (ATMS) defeated Poe (RMS)
138: Hohn (ATMS) pinned Hill (RMS)
145: Prevatte (ATMS) pinned Dunn (RMS)
152: Spencer (ATMS) pinned Hawkins (RMS)
160: Small (ATMS) pinned Wardlaw (RMS)
170: Ross (RMS) pinned Mathai (ATMS)
182: Moore (ATMS) won by Forfeit
195: Cole (RMS) won by Forfeit
220: Smith (ATMS) won by Forfeit

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