Bulldogs tennis tops Warriors

Stephanie King

It was a nice afternoon for some PAC-7 tennis action as the Wheatmore Warriors hosted cross-town and PAC-7 rival the Trinity Bulldogs. Both teams battled hard, but it would be the Bulldogs of Trinity who came away with a 6-3 win over the Warriors. Trinity picked up four singles wins and two doubles wins to earn the victory on Tuesday. In extra singles action, Wheatmore’s Juan Morales and Trinity’s Zach Collins each picked up wins.

Singles Results:

Bryce Nguyen (THS) defeated Jagur Williams (WHS) 10-8
Jack McCrosky (THS) defeated Ryan Smith (WHS) 10-6
Logan Somero (WHS) defeated Quinton O’Hara (THS) 10-5
Bryce Ingram (THS) defeated Seth Strickland (WHS) 10-2
Yoni Mora (WHS) defeated Zach Collins (THS) 10-6
Nathan Davis (THS) defeated Mac Berrier (WHS) 10-5

Doubles Results:

Jack McCrosky & Quinton O’Hara (THS) defeated Jagur Williams & Ryan Smith (WHS) 8-4
Hunter Rowe & Leo Dominguez (THS) defeated Logan Somero & Seth Strickland (WHS) 8-4
Yoni Mora & Mac Berrier (WHS) defeated Noah Dyer & Will Wheat (THS) 8-3

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