Clean sweep for Asheboro

Kaitlyn Mullins

Wednesday night the Asheboro Blue Comets hosted the Providence Grove Patriots for a non-conference matchup in basketball. The girls kicked things off with a close one, while the boys capped off the night.

Rachel Luna opened up the first quarter with a pull-up jumper for the Comets. Putting the Patriots on the board with a three was Edi Austin. The Comets scored back to back buckets as Diamond McDowell and Luna made it a 7-6 game. Providence Grove returned the favor as they put themselves up by three points. Stepping to the foul line was McDowell as she made one out of the two free shots. Luna drove the ball inside to tie the game at 10 all. Austin knocked down a three to put the Patriots back in the lead. The Patriots maintained their lead as Madison Dark, Avery Brower, and Malea Garrison made it a 20- 12 game. Tanaesha Ellison finished the Comets out with a basket to give them 14 points. At the end of the first quarter, the Patriots led 21–14.

Asheboro started strong in the second quarter as they led the way. Luna and McDowell led the Comets’ charge as they tied the game at 21 all. Scoring for the Patriots first in the second quarter was Makayla McClain. McDowell went in for the layup to tie the game at 23 all. Providence Grove finished the second quarter with 25 points. Ending the second quarter with a three-pointer was Selina Hicks as she gave Asheboro a 27-25 lead at the half.

Coming back from the half was Garrison as she tied the game for the Patriots. The Comets made back to back shots as McDowell and Yazzmyn Johnson put Asheboro ahead 4 points. The Patriots pulled together as a team as #33 and Browder tied the game. Scoring three points the old fashion way was Dark as she gave Providence Grove a three-point lead. Ellison drained a three to tie the game for Asheboro. Returning the favor was Garrison as she gave Providence Grove a one-point lead. Asheboro finished the third quarter as Kesley Nance hit a three-pointer, while Karissa Potts and Janiya Jackson both knocked down back to back buckets. Asheboro led 43-39 at the end of the third quarter.

Dark opened the fourth quarter with a bucket to close the gap to three points. Ellison pulled up for the jump shot as she gave the Comets a 5 point lead. Swishing a three-pointer for the Patriots was Austin. The Comets answered with a 7-0 run. Helping the Comets was McDowell and Ellison. Asheboro led 53-44. Scoring back to back buckets for the Patriots were Garrison and Dark. Dark scored three points the old fashion way as she drew a foul with her basket. McDowell stood under the goal as she continued to lead the way. Ending the game for the Patriots was Garrison as she put in a layup. Asheboro went on to finish the fourth quarter and defeat the Patriots 59-51.

Top scorers for the Comets were Diamond McDowell with 21 points and Rachel Luna with 13 points. Top scorers for the Patriots were Malea Garrison with 16 points, Madison Dark chipped in 12 points, and Edi Austin finished with 9 points.


Taking on the second game of the night were the boys as they faced off.

Starting things out was Evan Taylor as he put the Patriots on the board first. Taking the ball down the court was Nate Fisher as he swished a three for the Comets. Scoring back to back points for Providence Grove was Daylin Locklear as he made it a 7-3 game. Asheboro quickly tied the game as Corey Durrant scored three points the old fashion way. Stepping to the free throw line was Tysean Freshwater as he made one out of two shots. Locklear swished another three as he gave the Patriots a four-point lead. Tatum Marsh and Noah Watkins made back to back baskets to put the Comets back in the lead. Locklear tied the game at 14 before Freshwater and Watkins gave Asheboro a 10 point lead. Ending the first quarter was Durrant as Asheboro held a 26-14 lead.

Opening up the second quarter was Taylor as he went in for the layup. Locklear knocked down a bucket to close the gap to 12 points. Trevor Marsh drained a three and Durrant pulled up for the jump shot to give the Comets 33 points. Drawing a foul for the Comets was Watkins as he extended the lead. Asheboro continued to outscore the Patriots as Kejuan Logan and Freshwater made it a 39-16 game. Providence Grove would finish out the second quarter as Jonathon Foust and Taylor gave them 22 points. Asheboro led 39-22 at the half.

Coming back from the half was Jordan Hodges as he added two points to the Patriots total. Durrant found himself on the foul line and made one out of the two free throws. Fisher pushed the Comets ahead by 18 points. Taylor got the rebound as he added two more points. The Comets continued to push forward as they took a 46-28 lead. Locklear scored three points the old fashion way to give the Patriots 31 points. Logan finished out the third quarter for Asheboro as he gave them 50 points. Taylor drew a last-minute foul and made both shots with ease. Asheboro continued to lead 50-33 after the third quarter.

Durrant scored the first basket in the fourth quarter. Providence Grove scored back to back baskets as Foust and Hodges made it a 37-52 game. Back to back fouls for the Comets allowed them to extend the lead. Locklear and Questin Overman made two baskets in a row to close the gap to 15 points. Fisher and Watkins both drew fouls as they knocked the free throws down with ease. Finishing out the game for the Patriots on the foul line was Taylor as he made both shots. Alex Pulido and Logan finished out the game for Asheboro. The Comets defeated the Patriots 66-48.

Noah Watkins paced the Comets with 15 points, while Tysean Freshwater finished with 14. For Providence Grove, Daylin Locklear led the way with 20 points, while Evan Taylor chipped in 14.

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