Club soccer tryouts coming to Randolph County

Competitive soccer tryouts are coming to Randolph County on May 20th. The Central Carolina Soccer Club will be holding tryouts on May 20th at Randleman Park at 406 South Stout Street. Tryouts will be held for five different age groups from 6 years old to 19 years old. For more information please call 336-953-7685 or visit

Tryout Age Groups and Times

6 – 11 years old    12:30PM-1:30PM
10 – 12 years old  2:00PM-3:00PM
13 – 14 years old  3:30PM-4:30PM
15 – 16 years old  5:00PM-6:00PM
17 – 19 years old  6:30PM-7:30PM


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