Comets earn MS conference wrestling tournament title

Stephanie King

The Middle School Wrestling tournament took place on Saturday morning and the NAMS/SAMS Comets placed enough wrestlers to claim the tournament title. The Comets won the title with a score of 201 and had twelve wrestlers place in top three with four winning gold. NERMS took home second place with a 157 with ATMS right behind them in third place with a 153. Defending regular season and tournament champion SWRMS finished fourth with a 136.5, while Uwharrie Ridge took fifth with a 128 and SERMS finished sixth with a 108. RMS would come in seventh with 104.

Uwharrie Ridge’s Jair Ulloa earned Most Outstanding Wrestler honors.

Weight class results are as follows:

78: Brandon Jordan (RMS) gold, Brayden Hall (ATMS) silver, Brayden Cannady (N/S AMS) bronze.

85: Spencer May (ATMS) gold, Carter Self (SERMS) silver, Gavin Adams (RMS) bronze

92: Luke White (SWRMS) gold, Xavier Carrera (N/S AMS) silver, Marchelo Pemberton (SERMS) bronze

100: Blake Austin (NERMS) gold, Joe Price (RMS) silver, Adrian Lopez (SERMS) bronze

108: Diego Gutierrez (N/S AMS) gold, Brayden Clapp (SWRMS) silver, Alex Swaney (ATMS) bronze

115 :Jesus Garcia (RMS) gold, Elijah Atkins (NERMS) silver, Sean Nance (N/S AMS) bronze

122: Christian Diaz (N/S AMS) gold, Colton Law (UR) silver, Kyle Albertson (ATMS) bronze

128: Christian Rios (UR) gold, Michael Burgfeld (ATMS) silver, Eduardo Galarzo (N/S AMS) bronze

134: Jair Ulloa (UR) gold, Tristan Richardson (SWRMS) silver, Isiac Chacon (N/S AMS) bronze

140: Michael Brady (N/S AMS) gold, Casey Hohn (ATMS) silver, Austin Davis (NERMS) bronze

147: Davis Prevatte (ATMS) gold, Carson Norris (UR) silver, Chase Hinshaw (N/S AMS) bronze

154: Gage Baynes (NERMS) gold, Randy Spencer (ATMS) silver, Bryce Foland (SERMS) bronze

162: Eli Gravely (SWRMS) gold, Wesley Small (ATMS) silver, Eddie Soto (N/S AMS) bronze

172: Cayden Joyce (SWRMS) gold, Zineal Ross (RMS) silver, Dylan Roth (SERMS) bronze

184: Jose Flores (UR) gold, Colton Wood (NERMS) silver, Devin Woodle (N/S AMS) bronze

197: David Braddy (NERMS) gold, Cameron Wirt (UR) silver, David Morales (SWRMS) bronze

222: Mathew Perdue (N/S AMS) gold, Hunter Simpson (SWRMS) silver, Kolby Wilson (SERMS) bronze

HVY: Cade Ritter (NERMS) gold, Jayden Johnson (SERMS) silver, Cameron Henry (RMS) bronze


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