Comets lose to Whirlies by a field goal 24-21

The Asheboro Blue Comets dug a hole early in the game by starting off with 3 interceptions in the first quarter. Asheboro saw the Whirlies go up 21-7 in the first half only to have the Comets claw their way back into the game with a field goal being the only difference in the final score.

The first quarter turnovers were not necessary errant passes but more a result of receivers not not pulling the catch in before they ran as each pass went in and out of their hands and up in the air for the defense to grab, and that they did. After being down by 21 into the 2nd quarter Asheboro would get a spark on an 80 TD run on a short pass from Cory Durrant to Nate Fisher to give Asheboro some hope heading into the locker room.

Asheboro continued to fight and grabbed another TD on a 4th and goal short pass over the middle in the 3rd quarter to make it 21-14 only to give up another interception on the next series of downs in the 4th which lead to a 34 yard field goal by Grimsley’s Bently Faulkner. With the score 24-14, Asheboro recovered a fumble and was faced with another 4th down or give it up situation with under 5 minutes left in the game. Grimsley decided to blitz and Asheboro called up a screen play to from Durrant to Collins and easily scored making the score 24-21. Next, everyone knew it was on-side kick time, as Asheboro pushed the ball to the left it bounced up and off a Grimsley player and looked like it was grabbed by Asheboro but the ref pointed possession for the Whirlies. Grimsley would run the clock down to less than a minute with Asheboro getting the ball back with enough time for one more play from around the 50 yard line. Asheboro would toss the ball down the left side for the long completion but could only get to the Whirlies 25 to end the game.

Asheboro (0-2) will be on the road next Friday to take on Northwood in Chatham County.

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Our cover photo features Nate Fisher making his way down the field for his second half score.

Below, the defense wraps up a Grimsley Whirlie.

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