Comets outlast Patriots

Kaitlyn Mullins

Wednesday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Asheboro Blue Comets for their annual Dig Pink volleyball event. Providence Grove came into Wednesday’s game sporting a 13-7 record, while the Blue Comets were 16-4 on the season.

Beginning the night was Emma Saunders as she killed the ball over the net for Providence Grove. The Patriots took a 2-0 lead before the Comets scored their first point. Rachel Luna swung to pick up a kill and so did Mary Cate Kovash as they put the Comets up 4-2. The Patriots came back and took the lead back by one making it a 5-4 set. Megan Banker gained a kill as she helped lead the Comets to a 7-5 lead. The match became tied at 8 apiece moments later. Madelyn Grettler picked up back to back hits to put Providence Grove up 11-8. Asheboro was able to go up by four points retaking the lead over the Patriots. Both teams went back and forth as they stayed within two points of each other. Providence Grove went up by three points making it a 19-16 set. Asheboro finished the first set with 21 points as Providence Grove took the first set 25-22.

The Patriots started the second set with a block, but Asheboro quickly gained their first point as Banker killed the ball. A serving error on the Comets gave the Patriots a free point. Banker picked up another kill tying the game at 2 apiece. Providence Grove picked up two back to back points from a push from Kenzie Staley. Kovash tipped the ball over the net as she tied the game at 4 apiece. The Patriots were able to take a two point lead as they made it an 8-6 set. Kovash and Chloe Smith both gained kills to tied the game at 8 a piece before Providence Grove went on a 4-0 run as Saunders gained another kill. Banker closed the gap to two points as she picked up another kill making it a 10-12 set. Both teams played hard as they fought to the very last point in the set. Asheboro and Providence Grove both stayed within three points of each other, but it wasn’t until a serving error on the Patriots allowed the Comets to take a 24-19 lead. Two blocks from Peyton Grettler¬† allowed the Patriots to come back and win the second set 26-24.

Asheboro started the third set with an early two point lead, but Providence Grove scored back to back points tying the game at two apiece. Smith lead the Comets to a 6-2 lead as she and Kendall Allen each picked up a kill. Both teams went back and forth as they traded points. Asheboro took a 10-6 lead before a serving error allowed the Patriots to make it a 9-10 set. Leah Reid gained a kill as she led the Comets to a 12-9 lead. Providence Grove came back with the help from Saunders and Kaitlin Sexton to tie the set at 12. Asheboro went up to 14 points, but Saunders killed the ball across the net tying the set for the Patriots. After taking a 17-14 lead, the Comets picked up a serving error which gave the Patriots a free point cutting the lead to one. Kovash slammed the ball down to give the Comets a four point lead. Providence Grove finished the third set with 22 points. Asheboro finished the third set with the help from Banker as she had two kills to lead the Comets to a 25-22 set win.

Banker stood tall to get the block for the Comets as they took the first point of the fourth set. Asheboro took a 2-0 lead before serving an error giving the Patriots a free point. The Comets gained control of the set as they went up 4-1. Providence Grove battled back to cut the lead to 3-4 with help from Sexton as she picked up a kill. Asheboro went up by seven points to make it a 12-5 set as Leah Reid picked up a hit. Anna Thomas tipped the ball over the net as she scored three points in a row. A serving error on the Patriots allowed the Comets to go up by six points. With the Comets up 17-11 both teams went back and forth scoring a point. A serving error on the Comets allowed Providence Grove to score 15 points. Once again Banker went up for the block as she gave the Comets another point. Providence Grove finished the fourth set with 16 points, while Asheboro went on to win the fourth set 25-16.

Going into the fifth set Sexton gained the first point for the Patriots with a hit. Providence Grove took an early 2-0 lead over the Comets, but Asheboro caught up to the Patriots and took a 4-2 lead with a kill from Smith and an ace served by Sammi Underwood. Providence Grove scored their third point of the fifth set and it would be their last. Asheboro went on to win the fifth set 15-3 to take home the match win 3-2.

Mary Cate Kovash led the Blue Comets with 21 kills and 3 digs, while Sydney Cox finished with 24 digs, 1 ace, and 1 assist. Megan Banker chipped in 13 kills, 7 blocks, 2 aces, and 3 digs, while Kendall Allen added 7 kills and 12 digs. Emma Saunders paced the Patriots with 18 kills, 3 aces, and 11 digs, while Alli Young added 34 digs and 1 ace. Peyton Grettler finished with 8 kills, 4 blocks, 1 ace, and 2 digs.

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