Comets take NERMS to the mat

Stephanie King

The Asheboro Comets closed out their week with a 73-24 match win over the NERMS Huskies on Thursday. NERMS took the first match, but soon fell behind as the Comets took a 22-6 lead. The Huskies up another match win to cut the lead to ten. Asheboro would win the next three matches for a 40-12 lead. The Comets would take six of the remaining eight matches for the win. The Comets took the preliminary matches 3-1.

Individual Match Results:

83lb: Blake Austin (NERMS) over Nick Chavez (AMS)
90lb: Diego Gutierrez (AMS) over Ross Allred (NERMS)
98lb: Sean Nance (AMS) over Zack Woods (NERMS)
106lb: Robert Burton (NERMS) over Richey Thompson (AMS)
113lb: Yu Chen (AMS) over Elijah Atkins (NERMS)
120lb: Michael Brady (AMS) over Edward Tinsbloom (NERMS)
126lb: Joshua Garcia (AMS) won by Forfeit
132lb: Donovan Agguire (AMS) won by Forfeit
138lb:  Gage Baynes (NERMS) over Xavier Allred (AMS)
145lb: Cruz Corona (AMS) over Grace Runyon (NERMS)
152lb: Taylor Inman (AMS) over Noah Foust (NERMS)
160lb: Luke Lambeth (AMS) over David Brady (NERMS)
170lb: Dakota McDaniels (NERMS) over Jorge Guttierez (AMS)
182lb: Luke Bunting (AMS) over Brooks Freeman (NERMS)
195lb: Matthew Perdue (AMS) over Willie Staley (NERMS)
220lb: Tyler Malpass (AMS) won by Forfeit
HWT: Arhman Tyson (AMS) over Cade Ritter (NERMS)


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