Cougars capture OT win with field goal

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Southwestern Randolph Cougars for a non-conference varsity football game. Providence Grove entered the game 2-1 on the season, while the Cougars were 0-3. Both teams were without their starting quarterbacks as both seniors went down with season-ending injuries in last week’s games.

Kicking off were the Cougars as they began the game. Jacob Marcrum returned the ball for the Patriots to the 32-yard line. Providence Grove picked up another first down but was unable to cover any more ground as they punted the ball on downs. Southwestern Randolph started on the 49-yard line and tried to make their way down the field. On the next play, the Cougars fumbled the ball and the Patriots recovered. Providence Grove had no luck as an incomplete pass forced them to punt the ball on downs. The Cougars started their next run on the 28-yard line. Southwestern Randolph gained two first downs back to back due to a penalty on the Patriots. On the 14-yard line, Jose Tinoco caught a touchdown pass to put the Cougars up 6-0. Francisco Calderon sent the kick through the uprights to make it a 7-0 game. The Patriots returned the ball to the 30-yard line as they also gained back to back first downs. On second and ten a pass to Jordan Hodges allowed the Patriots to a first down. Drew Needham took the handoff and carried the ball into the end zone. Kicking the extra point was Jackson Jones as he tied the game 7-7. At the end of the first quarter, the game was tied 7-7.

Southwestern Randolph led the way in the beginning of the second quarter with a first down. Providence Grove’s defense stood their ground as they forced the Cougars to punt the ball on downs. The Patriots quickly turned the ball over on downs as they failed to cover any yardage. Starting on the 30-yard line the Cougars made it to third down and three. On the next play, Ramzey Shambley carried the ball for a Cougar first down. Providence Grove was able to catch an inception as they gained a first down. The Patriots fumbled the ball on the next play and the Cougars’ Tinoco recovered the ball in the end zone for a pick-six. Southwestern Randolph’s attempt for the extra point was no good as they led 13-7.  Both teams finished out the first half strong. At the half, the Cougars led 13-7.

Providence Grove started the third quarter with the kickoff. The Cougars returned the ball to the 38-yard line. On fourth down and six, Southwestern Randolph was forced to punt the ball on downs. Marcrum returned the ball for the Patriots to the 45-yard line. During the Patriots run, Drew Needham carried the ball for another first down. On fourth down Providence Grove threw an interception as Southwestern Randolph picked off the ball. The Cougars were unable to make plays as they punted the ball on downs. Providence Grove began their run on the 15-yard line. Jackson Jones carried the ball for the Patriots and picked up back to back first downs. Quarterback Luke Thomas found Jones open in the end zone for a Patriot touchdown. Providence Grove went for the extra point but was unsuccessful as they tied the game once more at 13 all. The Cougars finished the third quarter on fourth down and one on the 15-yard line. After three complete quarters, the score was tied at 13 all.

Southwestern Randolph began the fourth quarter with a field goal attempt but was unsuccessful. Providence Grove picked up a first down on the 20-yard line. Due to a quarterback sack and an incomplete pass, Providence Grove punted the ball on downs. Southwestern Randolph picked up third down and five when a penalty was called on the Patriots which allowed the Cougars to a first down. Davis was able to pick up a six-yard gain as he made it third down and four. The Cougars failed to cover yardage as they turned the ball over on fourth down. Providence Grove gained a first down on the 35-yard line as they began their next drive. Needham carried the ball for the Patriots for an 11 yard gain. On the next play, Providence Grove threw another interception to the Cougars as Paxton Staker caught the ball for a 51-yard interception. Southwestern Randolph picked up two first downs as it brought them to the sixteen-yard line. Davis gained one yard as it made it third down. With one second left on the clock, the Cougars decided to go for the field goal attempt but were unsuccessful as they sent the game into overtime. At the end of the fourth quarter, the game remained tied 13 all.

Providence Grove began overtime on the 10-yard line. On third and goal the Patriots threw an incomplete pass to bring up fourth down. Providence Grove was unable to score. Southwestern Randolph started their attempt on the 10-yard line. On second down and five, the Cougars had no gain. On forth down Southwestern Randolph went for the field goal as Calderon’s kick was good. The Cougars took a 16-13 victory over the Patriots in overtime.

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