Cougars edge out Huskies

Stephanie King

Middle school wrestling came to SWRMS on Monday as the Cougars hosted the NERMS Huskies. This was slated to be an exciting match and it did not disappoint. The Cougars took the preliminary match 4-1 before edging out the Huskies 54-51 in the final matches. NERMS was the first on the board, but the Cougars quickly tied the match. The two teams would trade pins back and forth until the Cougars took a 30-24 lead with back to back match wins. NERMS answered with four straight match wins for a 48-30 lead. The Cougars would respond and tie the match at 48 all. The Huskies took a 51-48 after winning a match without a pin, but the Cougars pinned their next opponent for the win.

Individual Match Results:

76: Reece Poe (SWRMS) won by Forfeit
83: Owen Peele (SWRMS) won by Forfeit
90: Luke White (SWRMS) pinned Austin (NERMS)
98: Austin (NERMS) defeated Armando Donjuan (SWRMS)
106: Brayden Clapp (SWRMS) pinned Wood (NERMS)
113: Atkins (NERMS) pinned Ivan Tinoco (SWRMS)
120: Steven Vinces (SWRMS) pinned SAMS (NERMS)
126: Gavin (NERMS) pinned Glen Halton (SWRMS)
132: Trenton Richardson (SWRMS) pinned Hutchenson (NERMS)
138: Harmon (NERMS) pinned Kadon Foland (SWRMS)
145: Grayden Harkness (SWRMS) pinned Davis (NERMS)
152: Gage Baynes (NERMS) pinned Andrew Chriscoe (SWRMS)
160: Eli Gravely (SWRMS) pinned Fowles (NERMS)
170: Danny Jackson (SWRMS) pinned Rose (NERMS)
180: Wood (SWRMS) pinned Joyce (SWRMS)
195: Braddy (NERMS) pinned David Morales (SWRMS)
220: Gaddis (NERMS) pinned Rafael Torres (SWRMS)
HWT: Ritter (NERMS) pinned Hunter Simpson (SWRMS)


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