ER Seniors for the Win

Kaitlyn Mullins

Tuesday night the Eastern Randolph Wildcats hosted the Randleman Tigers for their last home game of the regular season. The Wildcats seniors were hoping to get a win as it was their last home game as a Eastern Randolph Wildcat. Before the game, Eastern Randolph honored seniors Taylor Hatchett, Kayla Long, and Marion Goins.

Senior Kayla Long began the first set with a kill as she put the Wildcats on the board. A back row attack from Taelyn Johnson put the Wildcats up 2-0. Randleman scored their first point as Eastern Randolph hit the ball out. Two hits from Long helped lead Eastern Randolph to a 5-1 lead. Johnson killed the ball across the net and senior Taylor Hatchett served an ace giving the Wildcats seven points. The Tigers battled back and were able to cut the lead to 5-7. Once again Long killed the ball giving the Wildcats a 9-5 lead. Madison Hussey stood tall for the block as she gave Eastern Randolph 11 points. A serving error on the Wildcats gave the Tigers a free point, but Eastern Randolph regained control of the ball as they went up 14-6. Kelsey Sweatt served an ace for Randleman as she gave them eight points. Johnson jumped for the kill and was successful as she made it a 15-8 set. Bethany Dobias picked up a hit to lead the Tigers to 11 points. Hatchett gained another kill to make it an 18-11 set. A serving error on the Wildcats gave Randleman another free point. Chloe Hildreth killed the ball for the Tigers as it gave them 16 points in the set. Eastern Randolph went on to win the first set 25-16.

Randleman began the second set with a serving error giving the Wildcats the advantage. The Wildcats went up 2-0 before the Randleman scored on a kill by Sweatt. Another serving error on the Tigers gave Eastern Randolph a free point putting them up 4-1. The Tigers scored three straight points to tie the set at 4 all. Eastern Randolph took a two point lead over the Tigers, but a serving error on the Wildcats allowed the Tigers to cut the lead back to one at 6-5. A tip from Johnson allowed the Wildcats to go up 9-5. Olivia Henderson slammed the ball down as she gained a kill for the Tigers. Both teams had back to back serving errors as they made it a 10-7 set in favor of the Wildcats. Randleman cut the lead to 10-8 before serving another error. Hussey stepped to the line to serve as she served an ace giving the Wildcats a 12-8 lead. Randleman made it a 10-13 set before another serving error gave the Wildcats a point. A kill from Johnson gave the Wildcats a four point lead over the Tigers. Hildreth swung at the ball to pick up a kill for Randleman making it a 12-15 set. Once again Johnson was set for a kill giving Eastern Randolph a 19-12 lead. Randleman finished the second set with 13 points. The Wildcats took over the second set with a 25-13 win.

Down two sets to 0, Randleman opened the third set with first point. An serving error on the Tigers gave the Wildcats a free point tying the set at one apiece. Hatchett served an ace for the Wildcats as she gave them a 4-1 lead. Randleman squeezed in a point as they made it a 2-4 set. A kill from Long put the Wildcats up by three points. Sydney Gasque gained a kill as she helped the Tigers during a four point run. Eastern Randolph advanced to seven points to take a three point lead. Randleman was able to close the gap to to one point, Johnson picked up kill for the Wildcats to extend the lead. A serving error on the Wildcats allowed the Tigers to come back and tie the set at 8 apiece. Johnson gave the lead back to the Wildcats with a kill. Eastern Randolph went up 11-8, but Randleman would come back and tie the set once more. Both teams remained within one point of each other until Randleman took a three point lead from the help of Henderson and Hildreth as they made it an 18-15 set. Eastern Randolph came back to take a 21-18 lead. A serving error on the Wildcats allowed the Tigers to regain the lead at 24-21. Hussey tipped the ball over the net to give Eastern Randolph a total of 23 points in the third set. Randleman took the third set 25-23.

Eastern Randolph took a 2-0 lead over the Tigers to start the fourth set of play. Lindsay Peele served an ace to tie the set at 2 all for the Tigers. A serving error on the Tigers allowed the Wildcats a free point, but Randleman got the point back to tie the set at 3. The Tigers went up 4-3 and right behind the were the Wildcats as they made it a 4-4 set. A kill from Hildreth led the Tigers on a three point scoring run. Eastern Randolph came back within one point, but a serving error allowed the Tigers a free point. Randleman took an 11-8 lead from the help of Henderson with a back row attack. Both teams kept close to one another as they stayed within two points. Eastern Randolph was able to tie the game at 17 all and eventually took a three point lead from the help of Long. Randleman scored back to back points to cut the lead to one, but Eastern Randolph would end the fourth set with a 25-20 win. The Wildcats took the match 3-1 over the Tigers.

Taelyn Johnson led the Wildcats with 15 kills, while Kayla Long chipped in 9 kills. Olivia Henderson had 7 kills for the Tigers, while Karley Hughes dished out 21 assists. Chloe Hildreth finished with 10 digs for Randleman.

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