ER welcomes back Cates

Eastern Randolph Wildcats have hired former head football Coach Burton Cates to return has head football coach next season. The Wildcats will be hosting an event on Thursday June 7th at 6pm to welcome back Coach Cates. The event will be held in the Eastern Randolph Gym and is open to alumni, community members, current players, parents, and family members.

Message from Eastern Randolph:


Please join us as we welcome Coach Cates back to Eastern Randolph High School. This is an evening for fellowship with past players, alumni, and current Wildcat players and parents. We want to bring the community together to show support for OUR school and OUR athletic programs. Come and listen to speakers share their story on what Eastern Randolph means to them and how it has shaped who they are today. Our goal for this night is to have an Eastern Randolph Reunion where we can all take a step back and reunite as one!

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    chico corea

    June 6, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Great to have Coach Cates back!

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