NAMS shuts out ATMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

Monday night the Comets of NAMS hosted the Timberwolves of ATMS for a matchup in middle school football.

ATMS led things off as they kicked off. NAMS returned the ball to the 42-yard line. On second down Christian D carried the ball for third down. On the next play, the Comets ran into the end zone but a flag was thrown for a penalty. NAMS turned the ball over on downs. ATMS began their run on the 5-yard line. The Bulldogs were able to gain two first downs. NAMS held the Bulldogs as they finished out the first quarter. After one complete quarter, the score remained 0-0.

ATMS started the second quarter on third down in the 37-yard line. A false start pushed the Bulldogs back as they turned the ball over on the 10-yard line. NAMS started on first and goal as they needed just two plays to score. Markel Graham rushed into the end zone as he put the Comets up 6-0. Seconds later Christian D surpassed the Bulldogs’ defense as he successfully got the two-point conversion. ATMS began on the 40-yard line as Daniel Torreblanca carried the ball in back to back plays. On fourth down Cam Ossler picked up another first down as he put the Bulldogs on the 19-yard line. ATMS can up short as they turned over on downs. At the half, NAMS led 8-0.

Beginning the third quarter were the Comets as they kicked off to the Bulldogs. ATMS returned the ball to the 41-yard line as they pushed to cover ground. After four plays the Bulldogs were forced to punt the ball on downs. Graham returned the ball for the Comets as he was taken down on the 48-yard line. On the next play, Christian D. crossed into the end zone as he made it a 14-0 game. Graham added two extra points as he went for the two-point conversion. NAMS led 16-0. Nate Hernandez returned the ball for ATMS to the 20-yard line as they started their runs. After four tries the Bulldogs turned the ball over on downs. NAMS finished out the third quarter on second down. After three complete quarters, the Comets led 16-0.

NAMS led things off on third down in the fourth quarter. After an incomplete pass, the Comets turned the ball over on downs. ATMS picked up the first down but on the next play, they threw an interception to Graham. The Comets tried to make their way downfield but the Bulldogs’ defense was able to stop them as they turned the ball over on downs. The clock was winding down as the Bulldogs took their last attempts to score. NAMS defense held their ground as they held off ATMS. The Comets would take a victory to shutout ATMS 16-0.

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