NERMS boys take down RMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the RMS Tigers hosted the Huskies of NERMS to kick off the middle school basketball season.

Leading things off for the Tigers was Baylor Petty as he drained a three-pointer. Scoring the first basket for the Huskies was Sakai McKoy as he laid in a layup. Scoring three points the old fashion way was Chase Whitaker as he drew a foul with his bucket. RMS allowed the Huskies to take the ball straight to the net as Zander Cheek drew a foul. Cheek was able to add a single point as he made one out of his two free attempts. NERMS led 8-3 before RMS scored again. Amarion Moton stood in the post as he put up a basket for the Tigers. Jacob Whatley finished out the first quarter as he gave the Huskies 14 points. After the first quarter, the Huskies led 14-5.

Opening up the second quarter was Hunter Atkins as he closed the gap to 7 points for the Tigers. Cheek would pull up for the jumper as he gave NERMS 16 points. Both teams went back and forth as neither team could score. RMS was able to pick things up as Ervodd Cassady and Moton both scored. The Tigers were able to close the gap to 5 points. At the half, NERMS lead 16-11.

Coming back from the half strong were the Huskies as they led the way in points. Zander Cheek, Whitaker, and Zane Cheek surpassed the Tigers defense to give the Huskies a 22-11 lead. The Tigers were able to close the gap back to 5 points as Moton and Petty scored back to back baskets. Driving the ball straight to the net was Zander Cheek. Zane Cheek was able to extend the Huskies’ lead to 10 points. Finishing out the third quarter was Moton as he gave the Tigers 19 points. NERMS led 27-19 at the end of the third quarter.

Drawing a foul to begin the fourth quarter was Whitaker as he successfully made one out of the two shots. Cassady was able to go up and draw a foul for the Tigers as he too made one shot. Draining a three-pointer for the Huskies was MaKoy as he gave them an 11 point lead. Standing under the basket was Moton as he was able to put up back to back baskets for RMS. Zane Cheek and Zander Cheek led the way for the Huskies as they continued to hold their 10 point lead. Nick Connor finished out the fourth quarter for the Tigers as he gave them 30 points. NERMS was able to hold the Tigers as the gained their first win of the season. NERMS won 40-30.

Top scorers for the Huskies were Zander Cheek with 13 points, while Zane Cheek and Chase Whitaker both finished with 10 points each. Amarion Moton lead the way for the Tigers with 16 points and Baylor Petty finished with 7 points.

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