NERMS moves on

Kaitlyn Mullins

Facing off in the second semifinal of the middle school boys basketball tournament were the SWRMS Cougars and the Huskies of NERMS.

Beginning the game with the first basket was Chase Whitaker as he put NERMS on the board. SWRMS quickly scored as they took the lead and would hold it the rest of the first quarter. Nailing a three-pointer was K. Trotter. Adam Cole scored on back to back layups as he helped lead the Cougars to a 9-2 lead. After one complete quarter, SWRMS led by 7 points.

Pulling up for a jump shot was Whitaker as he added two points for the Huskies. Swishing a three for the Cougars was N. Ellis. Returning the favor for the Huskies was Jacob Whatley. Cole dribbled straight to the net as he put the Cougars ahead by 7 points. Stepping up to the foul line was Logan Fox as he made one free throw. Whatley put in the layup as he closed the gap to 4 points for the Huskies. Tyler Parks scored back to back buckets as he finished SWRMS with 17 points. At the half, SWRMS led 17-11.

Opening the third quarter with a three-pointer was Parks as he gave the Cougars a 9 point lead. Scoring two buckets in a row for the Huskies was Whitaker as he closed the gap to 5 points. SWRMS was able to push ahead as Trotter stood at the line to make it a 24-15 game. NERMS battled back as they went on an 8-0 run. Scoring for the Huskies were Whitaker, Zane Cheek, and Zander Cheek. At the end of the third quarter, NERMS made it a one-point game. After three complete quarters, SWRMS led 24-23.

In the fourth quarter, the Huskies started strong as Sakai McKoy knocked down a three. Zane Cheek would help NERMS to a four-point lead. SWRMS stepped up as N. Ellis drew a foul and made both free throws and Trotter drove in a layup. SWRMS didn’t give up as they took a 31-28 lead. Stepping to the line to shoot free throws was Whitaker. Whitaker only made one free throw to close the gap to 2 points. Drawing another foul for NERMS was Zane Cheek as he put them ahead 32-31. NERMS would finish the fourth quarter as they took down the Cougars 36-31.

Top scorers for the Huskies were Chase Whitaker with 13 points, Zane Cheek chipped in 10 points, and Sakai McKoy finished with 5 points. For the Cougars Tyler Parks led the way with 11 points and Adam Cole had 8 points.

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