Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday afternoon the Huskies of NERMS hosted the SWRMS Cougars for a middle school matchup in wrestling.

NERMS took the first prelim match but allowed the Cougars to finish the pre-limbs 2-1. Beginning the match was the Huskies as they took an 18-0 lead. The Cougars made the board as they gained a forfeit. NERMS went up 24-6 before SWRMS cut the lead in half as they won the next match. The teams went back and forth as they each won a match. The Huskies were up 48-27 before SWRMS came back and won three matches in a row. NERMS lead 51-45 coming into the last match as the Cougars needed a pin to tie the game. SWRMS tied the match at 51 all. It was decided that since the Huskies scored first that they would claim the victory over SWRMS.

Individual Match Results:

76 LBS: Reese Poe (SWRMS) pinned Kaleb Newman (NERMS)
83 LBS: Rylie Holdaway FFT (SWRMS)
90 LBS: Luke White (SWRMS) pinned Jackson Austin (NERMS)
98 LBS: Blake Austin (NERMS) pinned Armando Don Juan (SWRMS)
106 LBS: Brandon Clapp (SWRMS) pinned Ross Allred (NERMS)
113 LBS: Elijah Atkins (NERMS) pinned Charlie Hodge (SWRMS)
120 LBS: Gavin Hardisten (NERMS) pinned Ivan Tinako (SWRMS)
126 LBS: Nathan Hunterson (NERMS) pinned Lynn Haltman
132 LBS: Tristan Richardson FFT (SWRMS)
138 LBS: Austin Davis (NERMS) pinned Kaden Folen
145 LBS: Graden Harkness (SWRMS) pinned Destini Harmen (NERMS)
152 LBS: Gage Baynes (NERMS) pinned Evan Smith (SWRMS)
160 LBS: Eli Gravely (SWRMS) pinned Noah Foust (NERMS)
170  LBS: Brandon Navis (NERMS) pinned Danny Jackson (SWRMS)
182 LBS: Caden Joyce (SWRMS) pinned Colton Wood (NERMS)
195 LBS: David Braddy (NERMS) pinned David Morales (SWRMS)
220 LBS: Gerson Hernandez FFT (SWRMS)
HWT:  Cade Ritter (NERMS) pinned Hunter Simpson (SWRMS)

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