NERMS shuts out RMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

The RMS Lady Tigers hosted the NERMS Lady Huskies in a middle school soccer match up on Thursday evening.

NERMS had first possession of the ball as they made their way down the field. The Huskies started strong and wasted no time getting around the Tigers’ defense. NERMS found a decent look at the goal, but could not get the ball past the RMS keeper. RMS marched the ball down the field and used great communication to keep the ball away from the Huskies. Both teams made crisp, clean passes and had equal control of the ball. Almost halfway through the first half, Brecken Snotherly made her way to the goal and scored the first goal of the night for the Huskies. RMS continued to try and find good looks of the goal, but could not get the ball past the Huskies’ keeper. At the half, NERMS was up 1-0.

RMS took control of the ball to start the second half and tried to put their first goal on the board. NERMS quickly retook control of the ball as they passed and dribbled down the¬†filed putting the ball into scoring position. RMS’ goalie Elizabeth York was there to save the ball. For most of the second half NERMS out ran the Tigers to the ball and hustled to make a play. RMS stepped up their game towards the end of the second half as they raced against the clock to set up a play. The Tigers found themselves in scoring position, but couldn’t get passed the NERMS keeper. As the clocked ran out the Tigers were unable to tie the game. NERMS got the win over RMS 1-0.

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