New Asheboro head football coach, Kevin Gillespie addresses his players . . .

Asheboro High School made it official and introduced their new head football coach Monday night, Kevin Gillespie, former head coach at Greensboro’s Page High School. Gillespie takes over from Coach Owen George who recently stepped down about month and half ago as head football coach after multiple successful seasons at Asheboro.

Coach Gillespie comes from an 11 year stint as the head football coach for the 4-A Page Pirates in Greensboro after back to back appearances in the state 4-AA championship games in 2015 & 2016 and a state championship in 2011. He was 101-45 in 11 seasons at Page and has been coaching in the Piedmont area since 1994. Coach Gillespie has spent time as an assistant coach at Ledford & Thomasville High Schools as well as head coaching duties at Trinity High from 2001-2005. He was also an assistant football coach at Asheboro High back in 1994-1995 as well as a teacher at North Asheboro Middle School and Asheboro High School in those same years.

Monday night, Coach Gillespie, already wearing an Asheboro embroidered shirt, addressed a small gathering of returning football players along with parents and asked the players if they knew what it meant to be a blue collar worker. He described himself as a no-nonsense type of coach and likened his philosophy to that of a blue collar worker who grabbed his lunch pail everyday and went to work and got the job done. He said, ” . . . when we practice, we’ll practice hard, we’ll get done what we need to get done and then go home.” One of the players asked him how many games does he think they can win and he turned the question back on them and asked them how many games do they want to win and that it was all up to them. He then paraphrased a quote he attributed to Michael Jordan by saying, “I’d rather show people what I can do then tell them what I can do,” and continued that he was looking forward to getting to work and meeting all his players.

Asheboro starts spring football workouts tomorrow evening officially ushering in the Gillespie era.


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