PG shutout

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Randleman Tigers for a varsity PAC-7 softball match-up.

Providence Grove began the top of the first with an out right away, but pitcher Anna Thomas gave away a free bag with a walk to Mckenzie Green for the Tigers. The Patriots finished the out the top of the first with two outs in a row. Randleman was also able to get the first out right away to start the bottom of the first. Taking a free bag was Hunt as she was pitched ball four. Up to bat next was Thomas as she slammed a double into center field. With runners in scoring position the Patriots were left on base as Randleman picked up back to back outs.

In the top of the second Thomas pitched her first strikeout of the game giving the Patriots one out. Bethany Dobias was sent to first base after being pitched ball four for the Tigers, but she would be left stranded as Providence Grove got two outs in a row. With one out in the bottom of the second Sarah Rice walked Logan Cockman. Helping the Tigers to get out of the inning was Rice as she picked up back to back strikeouts. After two innings, this one was still tied at 0.

Providence Grove started the top of the third with a fly ball out. Megan Cottrell sent the ball into the right field as she made her way to second base. The Patriots turned a double play to get themselves out of the inning. Randleman began strong in the bottom of the third as they picked up two outs in a row, but Thomas stepped to the plate and picked up another double for the Patriots. Sam Welch was able to hit a RBI double as she sent Bowman home to make it a 1-0 game. Saunders took her free bag as she was walked by Rice. Sliding into home plate was Welch as she put the Patriots ahead 2-0. Randleman got themselves out of the inning with the final out before the Patriots could score again.

Starting the top of the fourth was Charley Butler as she took her free base. On the next play the Patriots threw out Butler as they picked up their first out of the inning. Hallie Chisholm sent the ball into right field bunt from Rice. Rice would reach first on the bunt. Next up to bat was Dobias as she got a base hit. Providence Grove threw out the lead runner to give themselves two outs. The Patriots got out of the inning leaving two stranded on base. Randleman had a quick bottom of the fourth as they forced the Patriots to go three up, three down. After four innings, Providence Grove held a 2-0 lead over Randleman.

In the top of the fifth Providence Grove started with two outs in a row. Cottrell picked up another another base hit as she put herself on base for the Tigers. Finishing with a ground out were the Patriots to end the inning. Hessenthaler began the bottom of the fifth for the Patriots with a solo hit. Next up Hunt put the bunt down as she advanced Hessenthaler into scoring position. Thomas was given a free bag as she loaded the bases for the Patriots. Randleman was able to turn a double play to get themselves out of the inning. Providence Grove had an easy one, two, three inning in the top of the sixth. Randleman followed in their foot steps with their second three up, three down inning of the night. Getting back to back base hits in the top of the seventh was Dobias and Ratcliffe, but Providence Grove was able to get three outs in a row to end the game. The Patriots picked up a 2-0 win on their home field against the Tigers.

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