PG wins 5 set battle

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Eastern Randolph Wildcats for a conference volleyball.

Starting the first set out was Anna Thomas as she serveed back to back aces to give the Patriots a 3-0 lead. Kayla Long tipped the ball over the net as she scored the Wildcats’ first point. A block from Long and Taelyn Johnson as well as an ace from Taylor Hatchett helped tie the game at three apiece. Killing the ball across the net for the Wildcats was Johnson as she gave Eastern their first lead of the night. Providence Grove was able to tie the game at four apiece, but a serving error gave the Wildcats a free point. Eastern Randolph took a 10-4 lead over the Patriots from the help of Johnson as she had two kills and a block. The Patriots squeezed in a point in between the Wildcats scoring streak. Kolby Snider picked up an ace and Johnson slammed another kill down to give the Wildcats 12 points. Providence Grove squeezed in another point to make it a 6-12 set. Eastern Randolph went ahead 14-6 when a serving an error gave the Patriots a free point. The Wildcats continued to play strong as they took a 17-9 lead over the Patriots. Providence Grove pushed towards the end of the set as they cut the gap to 19-22. Long attacked the ball as she helped the Wildcats to 24 points. Saunders returned the kill as she made it a 20-24 set. Long ended the first set with the Wildcats winning 25-20.

Johnson began the second set with a kill as she gave the Wildcats a early 2-0 lead. Due to a serving error, the Patriots gained their first point of the second set. Eastern Randolph took a 4-1 lead over the Patriots. With it being early in the set both teams exchanged points back and forth until Providence Grove tied the game at 8 all. A block from Peyton Grettler and kill from Saunders lead the Patriots to a 12-8 lead. Eastern Randolph came back as Gions served an ace to make it an 11-12 set. A serving error allowed the Patriots to take another 14-11 lead. After a long rally, the Wildcats were able to score and close the gap to two points making it a 13-15 set. Providence Grove went up 18-13. A block from Johnson cut the gap to three points. With the Patriots up 20-17, the Wildcats proved they wanted to fight for this win as they came back making it a 20-21 set. Coming out on top in the second set was the Wildcats as they took the set 26-24.

Kenzie Staley began the third set with an attack as she helped lead the Patriots to a 3-0 start. Eastern Randolph gained their first point before the Patriots took a 4-1 lead. A serving error earned the Wildcats a free point as they closed the gap to two points. The Wildcats were able to come back and take the lead from the Patriots by one point. The Patriots tied the game at 6 apiece. Both teams fought hard as they traded points back and forth keeping it within two points. The Patriots were able to go on a scoring spree as they scored 6 points in a row. Helping the Patriots out were Saunders and Staley as they both gained kills. Alli Young served an ace as they made it a 15-8 set. An ace served by Goins gave the Wildcats 10 points. Providence Grove pushed to be eight points ahead of the Wildcats. Eastern had a small come back as Johnson attacked the ball giving the Wildcats 13 points. A tip from Thomas lead the Patriots to 21 points. Eastern Randolph doesn’t back down as they came back and made it a 20-21 set. A block from M.Grettler and Rhoney put the Patriots up by three points. Providence Grove went on to win the third set 25-22.

Eastern Randolph began the fourth set with an early 3-0 advantage. Providence Grove picked up their first point off a serving error by the Wildcats. The Patriots returned the favor to the Wildcats as they picked up a serving error as well. Eastern Randolph took a 5-1 lead over the Patriots, but a kill by Rhoney helped lead the Patriots back to tying the set at 5 apiece. Madyson Tippet gained an ace, while M. Grettler and Rhoney both attacked the ball gaining kills making it an 8-5 set. Johnson continued to use her power behind her swing as she picked up a kill for the Wildcats. Both teams traded points back and forth as they kept the game within two points. Providence Grove was able to pull ahead by five making it a 20-15 set. Eastern finished the fourth set with 16 points. Providence Grove went on to win the fourth set 25-16.

Right away in the fifth set the Patriots’ energy was high as they took an early 3-0 lead over the Wildcats. Saunders and Sexton led the Patriots to the early lead. Eastern Randolph gained their first point and Goins severed an ace to make it a one point set. A serving error gave the ball back to the Patriots as well as a free point. A roll from P. Grettler gave the Patriots a 5-3 lead. Johnson attacked the ball as she helped tie the game at 5 all. Providence Grove went up 7-5 before Johnson used her power once again to gain a kill. Due to a serving error on the Wildcats, the Patriots took a 9-6 lead. Johnson once again led her team to eight points. The Patriots were able to hold their lead as they made it an 11-9 set. Eastern Randolph did not count themselves out of the set just yet as Long tipped the ball over the net making it a 10-11 set. Providence Grove held their lead as they went on to win the set 15-11. The Patriots battled it out in all five set to claim a 3-2 match victory over the Wildcats.

Saunders lead the Patriots in kills with 18 and Young had 10 digs. Top hitter for the Wildcats was Johnson with 19 kills, Gions had 29 assists, and Snider served 7 aces.

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