Providence Grove tops Raiders

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the High Point Andrew Red Raiders for a PAC-7 matchup in basketball.

Evan Taylor opened senior night with the first basket of the game. McKiver drove the ball in for the Raiders to put them on the board. Drawing the first foul of the night was TJ Richardson as he made both free throws with ease. Scoring back to back buckets for High Point Andrews was Barrett and McKiver. Providence Grove used an 11-0 run to take the lead over the Red Raiders. Scoring for the Patriots were Taylor, Daylin Locklear, and Jordan Hodges. AJ Herndon broke the Patriots’ run as he dribbled down the lane for a layup. Nailing a three-pointer for the Patriots was Hodges. Locklear stepped to the line where he made one free throw. Ending the first quarter for the for the Raiders was Muhammed Tanner as he gave them 11 points. Woody Price and McKiver would go on to end the first quarter. Providence Grove led 26-11 at the end of the first quarter.

Beginning strong in the second quarter were the Patriots as they extended their lead to 22 points. Questin Overman and Locklear helped the Patriots to their lead. Swishing a three-pointer for the Raiders was McKiver as he was fouled in the process. McKiver made the extra point with the foul. Mike Watkins took an open shot as he made a bucket to give High Point Andrews 17 points. Dawson Lee pushed the Patriots ahead by 18 points. McKiver nailed another three and Watkins added another two points for the Raiders. Ending the second quarter for the Patriots was Foust as he gave them 41 points at the half. Closing the gap to 11 points was Barrett. At the half, Providence Grove led 41-30.

Opening the third quarter with a three was McKiver. Overman and Hodges both sunk back to back three-pointers as they gave the Patriots a 14 point lead. Providence Grove took a 49-33 lead. McKiver found an open basket as he added two points to the Raiders’ total. Drawing a foul for High Point Andrews was Barrett as he made one free throw. The teams traded buckets for the next few minutes, but the Patriots maintained their lead. Foust led the way as he scored back to back buckets giving Providence Grove 63 points. Watkins finished out the third quarter for the Raiders. After three-quarters of play, Providence Grove led 63-40.

Starting the fourth quarter with a foul was Foust as he scored back to back for the Patriots. Providence Grove led by 27 points. The Raiders battled back as they went on a 5-0 run. Jones and Watkins helped to give High Point Andrews 47 points. Closing the gap to 19 points was Herndon as he found himself on the line. Dunking the ball for the Patriots was Taylor. Stepping up to the line to shoot two was Overman. Nailing a three for the Raiders was McKiver as he made it a 54-78 game. Ending the fourth quarter for the Patriots was Taylor as he finished his senior night with a dunk. Hoskin would score the last basket as he gave High Point Andrews 63 points. Providence Grove won 83-63.

Top scorers for the Patriots were Jonathan Foust with 20 points, Daylin Locklear chipped in 19 points, and Evan Taylor added 16 points. For the Raiders, Jenoah McKiver had 17 points and Keny Barrett finished with 13 points.

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