Randleman Advances to Second Round

Kaitlyn Mullins

The 2A State soccer playoffs kicked off on Wednesday as the Randleman Tigers hosted the Wallace Rose-Hill Bulldogs. Randleman earned a thirteen seed after finishing the regular season 11-10.

Randleman got first touch on the ball at the start of the first half, but both teams battled it out for possession. Both teams started strong as they both had equal control of the ball and made good touches. Randleman and Rose-Hill stayed strong to their defense as they both allowed no attempts at the goal. Wallace Rose-Hill took the first attempt at the goal off of a corner kick, but the attempt was no good as the Tigers defense got it out of the box. Randleman’s goalie Jesus Jaramillo saved the direct attempts at the goal. Both teams took attempts at the goal but were unsuccessful. Towards the end of the first quarter Wallace Rose-Hill took control of the ball as they went for the second touch on the ball beating the Tigers to it.  With a minute let in the first quarter, Sergio Pacheco took a shot on the goal, but over shot it as it was no good. With 37 seconds left J. Maldonado sent the ball into the back of the net making it a 1-0 game for the Bulldogs as the first half ended.

Wallace Rose-Hill took first touch on the ball to start the second half as they made their way down the field. The Bulldogs maintained control of the ball as Randleman’s defense had a hard time cutting them off. Once the Tigers got control of the ball and they were able to take shots at the goal, but they came up short every time. Randleman picked up their game as they took more touches on the ball with cleaner passes. Once again Jaramillo saved an attempt from the Bulldogs. With seven minutes left in the second half, Liam Mowers was Randleman’s saving grace as he tied the game 1-1. As time ticked off the clock both teams had trouble scoring again. The game was sent into overtime as it was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation.

Randleman got first touch in the first ten minute overtime and both teams continued to fight hard as they were determined to score once more. Wallace Rose-Hill took more shots at the goal, but could send one into the back of the net. Randleman also took a couple of attempts at the goal, but came up empty handed. At the end of the first ten minutes the game was still tied at 1-1.

The Bulldogs started the second ten minute overtime and once again the boys attacked the ball with everything they had as neither team was ready to end their season. Randleman started to have trouble again with getting the second touch on the ball as the Bulldogs were always there to fight for it. Both teams took attempts to score but they were no good. The clock ran out and sent the teams into a second overtime.

In the next two five minute overtimes the Tigers played their hearts out as they made their way down the field taking more attempts. Even though the attempts were no good Randleman kept fighting. The Bulldogs took some attempts but they were no good. At the end of the second overtime the score was still tied at 1-1. This took both teams into a shootout to decide a winner. Randleman would out shoot the Bulldogs 6-5 to claim victory and advance to the second round of the state playoffs. Brando Martinez sealed the win for the Tigers with the winning shot in the shootout.

Shoot out Results:

WRH                                                                       RHS
J. Aguilar (WRH) – kick good                            Liam Mowers (RHS) – kick good
J. Pacheco (WRH) – kick good                          Victor Tellez (RHS) – kick good
H. Herrera (WRH) – kick good                          Osvaldo Arellano (RHS) – blocked
I. Ocampo (WRH) – blocked                              Stuart Perez (RHS) – kick good
L. Murcia (WRH) – kick good                            Jassiel Pacheco (RHS) – kick good
G. Orellana (WRH) – kick good                         Diego Albarran (RHS) – kick good
R. Osrio (WRH)- blocked                                   Noe Mercado (RHS)- blocked
H. Rayes-Zavala (WRH) – no good                   Brando Martinez (RHS)- kick good

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