Randleman crushes Wheatmore’s undefeated season

Kaitlyn Mullins

Under the Friday night lights, the Randleman Tigers hosted the Wheatmore Warriors in both teams’ PAC-7 conference opener. The Tigers welcomed the Warriors into the den as they were ready for Wheatmore to kiss their undefeated season goodbye.

Randleman won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball to start the game. The Tigers returned the ball to the 35-yard line and went to work. Tanner McGee was sacked by the Warriors and put the Tigers on second down with eight yards to go. McGee made up for the sack moments later as the next pass was to Tyson Green for the first touchdown of the night. Clayton Gentry made the extra point to put the Tigers up 7-0. The Warriors returned the ball to the 46 yard line on the ensuing kickoff but was unable to gain any yards. The Tigers held the Warriors and forced them to punt on fourth down. Randleman recovered the ball on the 40 yard line and then came up one yard short of another first down. McGee fired a shot into the end zone to Jaquan Snipes for a complete touchdown making it a 13-0 game. Going for the extra point was Gentry as he made it a 14-0 game.

Nine minutes into the first quarter the Warriors recovered the ball on the 32 yard line, but on the next play quarterback Nick Halo was sacked. The Warriors ended up on second and twenty-one, but a false start on the Tigers gave some free yards to the Warriors. Wheatmore could not get anything going and were forced to punt on fourth down. Randleman began their next drive on the 4o-yard line, but soon found themselves staring at third down and seven to go. Snipes rushed the ball, he came up a yard short from a first down. McGee picked up the first down on the 25 yard line with a quarterback keeper. A pass from McGee to Snipes gave the Tigers another touchdown making it a 21-0 game. The Warriors recovered on the 32 yard line, but was unable to make plays as Halo threw an incomplete passes forcing the Warriors to punt the ball. Randleman recovered on the 37 yard line and kept pushing for first downs. McGee capped off the quarter with a rushing touchdown, giving the Tigers a 27-0 lead. The extra point was good by Gentry as the Tigers ended the first quarter up 28-0.

Wheatmore started the second quarter with first down on the 44 yard line. The Warriors gained little yardage ad were soon forced to punt the ball away. Randleman recovered the ball on the on the 36 yard line and quickly picked up back to back first downs. Dawson Edwards made the catch for another first down on the 24 yard line. The Tigers made it to first and goal when the ball was intercepted by Tim Prevost. Prevost returned the ball down the field, setting the Warriors up for a first and goal. Lucas Kelly stepped foot into the end zone for the Warriors as he made it a 6-28 game. The Warriors gained an extra point from the kick giving them 7 points. Randleman returned the ball to the 43 yard line on the ensuing kickoff. The Tigers would fumble the ball on their next drive and allowed Wheatmore to recover. On fourth and two, the Warriors fumbled the ball allowing Randleman to recover on the 14 yard line. Snipes caught a pass from McGee to score his third down of the first half and give the Tigers a 34-7 lead. The kick was good from Gentry as Randleman led the Warriors 35-7 at the half.

Wheatmore received the ball on the 27 yard line with 1st and 10 to start the third quarter of play. The Warriors made it to the 36 yard line with 3rd and 1. A penalty on the Tigers gave the Warriors a free first down. On the next play, the Warriors threw an interception to Dominick Poole as the Tigers ended up on the 38 yard line. McGee also threw an interception to Lucas Kelly as the Warriors picked up a first down. The Warriors picked up another first down moments later, but would have their pass picked off by Poole after that. Randleman was unable to gain ground and were forced to punt the ball away. Wheatmore recovered the ball on the 26 yard line, but the ball was later intercepted by Gentry for the Tigers. At the end of the third quarter, the Tiger remain ahead 35-7.

Randleman began the fourth quarter on fourth and seven before having to punt the ball away. The Warriors could not get anything going on their next possession and were forced to punt on fourth down as well. Randleman took over and picked up several first downs on their way to first and goal. McGee would have his pass picked off by Camden Wishon. The clock ran out before the Warriors could make a play. Randleman defeated Wheatmore and their undefeated season 35-7.

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