RMS tops NERMS for “Super Monday” Championship

Kaitlyn Mullins

Monday night the Huskies of NERMS faced off against the RMS Tigers in the middle school football championship game.

Leading things off in the first quarter were the Huskies as they kicked off to the Tigers. Josue Castaneda returned the ball to the 49-yard line as the Tigers started their run. NERMS quickly forced the Tigers on to fourth down as the defense picked up every play. On fourth down, Thomas Dobias carried the ball as he gained a Tiger first down. Amarion Moton was able to run the ball into the end zone and by the Huskies’ defense to put RMS up 6-0. The Tigers lined up for the two-point conversion but came up short as NERMS was able to hold the Tigers. The Huskies returned the ball to the 46-yard line on the ensuing kickoff. After four plays NERMS was forced to punt the ball on fourth down. RMS would follow in the Huskies footsteps as they too punted the ball on downs. NERMS finished out the first quarter on third down on the 22-yard line. After one complete quarter, RMS led 6-0.

Starting the second quarter the Huskies gained six yards. On fourth down, NERMS was unable to gain yardage as they turned over the ball on downs. Moton would lead the way for the Tigers as he gained back to back first downs. With an incomplete pass on third down RMS went for the first. Once again Moton rushed the ball down the middle as he gave RMS another first down. On the next play, Zane Cheek caught an interception for the Huskies and was brought down on the 37-yard line. A complete pass to Zander Cheek allowed NERMS to tie the game at 6-6 as he stepped foot in the end zone. NERMS finished out the half as they went for the 2 point conversion but came up short. At the half, the game was tied at 6 all.

RMS kicked off in the third quarter as the Huskies took over on the 17-yard line. RMS forced NERMS to turn the ball over on downs. The Tigers began on the 33-yard line as Chesney Welch carried the ball for a first down. On second down Castaneda was handed the ball as he found a pocket and picked up a few yards. On the next play, Dobias gained another first down as he put the Tigers on the Huskies’ 16-yard line. On third and goal Welch scored for the Tigers as he made it 12-6 game. NERMS held the Tigers as their attempt at the two-point conversion failed. After three complete quarters, RMS led 12-6.

NERMS began the fourth quarter by throwing an interception to Anthony Santos. The Tigers started their run on the 19-yard line. RMS would fumble the ball allowing the Huskies to recover. The Huskies tried to make their way down the field but came up short as they turned the ball over on fourth down. The Huskies defense was able to stop the Tigers as they forced RMS to turn the ball over on downs also. On the Huskies last attempt, Chase Whitaker carried the ball for a first down. Zander Cheek would catch a pass in the air as he too gained a first down. On third down, NERMS threw an interception to Hunter Atkins as the Tigers recovered the ball. RMS was able to hold the Huskies as they brought their undefeated season to an end. RMS took home the championship 12-6.

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