SAMS and ATMS battle in opener

Kaitlyn Mullins

The middle school football season kicked off on Wednesday as the SAMS Comets hosted the ATMS Bulldogs.

ATMS won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball to start the game. On the kickoff, ATMS returned the ball up field only to fumble the ball. SAMS would recover the fumble on the 45-yard line. SAMS started their journey down the field, but at the 37-yard line they picked up back to back false starts. The Comets could not pick up another first down and were forced to punt the ball away. ATMS started with the ball on the 45-yard line as they tried to push for the first down. The Bulldogs gained one yard on their first play putting them on second and nine. After a seven yard pick up on second down, ATMS put the ball in the hands of Caleb Ossler on third down. Ossler picked up the first down for the Bulldogs extending their drive. Ossler picked up another first down for the Bulldogs just before the end of the quarter. After one quarter of play, the scored was still 0-0.

The opening minutes of the second quarter saw ATMS with the ball on the 33-yard line looking for another first down. They would get it, but the Comets’ defense did not allow any extra yardage. Staring at fourth and 16, ATMS turned over the ball to the Comets. SAMS started on the 24-yard line with a long way to the end zone. On the next play #7 stretched up in the air to catch a 19 yard pass from quarterback #12. SAMS continued to work their way down field, but ATMS’s defense was not making it easy. The Bulldogs sacked the Comets’ quarterback on one play and then on another SAMS completed a pass to #3 to put themselves 12-yards away from the end zone. During the final seconds of the quarter, SAMS’ quarterback #12 threw one into the end zone only to have it picked off by ATMS’ Ossler. At the half, the score remained 0-0.

SAMS would go on to win this one 14-10 and improve to 1-0 on the season.

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