Providence Grove vs Trinity Women’s Tennis

The Providence Grove Lady Patriots’ tennis team edged out the Trinity Bulldogs 5-4 on Thursday in PAC-7 play.

Singles Results

Tatum Smith (PG) def. Anna Kate Patterson (THS) 11-10 (7-5)
Olivia Tuck (PG) def. Stephanie Vail (THS) 10-5
Lauren Elam (THS) def. Jordan Greeson (PG) 10-4
Liz Remsburg (PG) def. Alison Hunt (THS) 10-2
Madison Taylor (PG) def. Leah Mathai (THS) 10-3
Maggie Anthony (THS) def. Natalie Jennings (PG) 11-9

Doubles Results

Patterson & Vail (THS) def. Smith & Tuck (PG) 8-6
Greeson & Remsburg (PG) def. Elam & Jessica Bryant (THS) 8-1
Hunt & Anthony (THS) def. Taylor & Jennings (PG) 9-8 (7-0)