Wheatmore at Ledford Women’s Tennis

The Wheatmore Lady Warriors posted a 7-2 non-conference tennis win on the road at Ledford on Wednesday.

Singles Results:

Kara Comer (WHS) defeated Maddie Hagee (Ledford) (6-3)(6-3)
Hannah Carter (WHS) defeated Sierra Chase (Ledford) (6-1)(6-1)
Jada Welch (Ledford) defeated Kyndall Fritz (WHS) (6-1)(6-3)
Taylor Comer (WHS) defeated Mackenzy Coltrain (Ledford) (6-0)(6-2)
Lexi Gerlock (WHS) defeated Madi Flynt (Ledford) (6-3)(6-1)
Kelly Carrick (WHS) defeated Emma Brown (Ledford) (6-1)(7-6)(7-4 tiebreaker)

Doubles Results:

Kara Comer & Hannah Carter (WHS) defeated Gracie Hall & Sierra Chase (Ledford) (8-4)
Kyndall Fritz & Taylor Comer (WHS) defeated Maddie Hagee & Mackenzy Coltrain (8-0)
Madi Flynt & Emma Brown (Ledford) defeated Lexi Gerlock & Kelli Morgan (WHS) (8-2)