Wheatmore vs Trinity Women’s Tennis

The Wheatmore Lady Warriors hosted the Trinity Lady Bulldogs for a PAC-7 tennis match on Monday. Wheatmore came away with an 8-1 win over the Bulldogs. The Lady Warriors are now 5-0 in conference play and 7-1 overall on the season.

Singles Results:

Kara Comer (WHS) defeated Maggie Anthony (THS) (10-1)
Kyndall Fritz (WHS) defeated Leah Mathai (THS) (10-0)
Taylor Comer (WHS) defeated Sophia Zheng (THS) (10-0)
Lexi Gerlock (WHS) defeated Thuy Ho (THS) (10-1)
Autumn Gentry (THS) defeated Kelly Carrick (WHS) (10-2)
Hailey Hartley (WHS) defeated Abigail Todd (THS) (10-2)

Doubles Results:

Kyndall Fritz & Taylor Comer (WHS) defeated Maggie Anthony & Autumn Gentry (THS) (9-8) (7-1 tiebreaker)
Kara Comer & Lexi Gerlock (WHS) defeated Sophia Zheng &  Thuy Ho (THS) (8-0)
Hailey Hartley & Kelli Morgan (WHS) defeated Kara Henderson & Molly Graves (THS) (8-2)

Extra Doubles Results:

Jenna Gerlock & Hailey Phillips (WHS) defeated Abbey Neal & Leah Cabiness (THS) (6-0)
Hannah Wilson & Peyton Wilson (WHS) defeated Miriam Cerventas & Madeline Richardson (THS) (8-2)
Heaven Deese & Crissie Smith (WHS) defeated Hafiz Alam & Carla Ramirez (THS) (8-5)