Southern Alamance defeats Asheboro

Kaitlyn Mullins

Wednesday night the Blue Comets of Asheboro hosted the Patriots of Southern Alamance for a conference match up in soccer. Both teams remain undefeated as they entered Wednesday’s game.

Getting first touch on the ball were the Comets as they made their way down field. Southern Alamance’s defense was able to take the ball away from the Comets as they used communication. Both teams would trade the ball back and forth as the Patriots and the Comets had good control up and down the field. The Patriots were able to surpass the Comets defense as they took their first attempt at the goal, but were unsuccessful. Asheboro was unable to get a clear shot, but the ball was deflected or blocked by the goalie. Twenty-one minutes into the game Ivy Cagno nailed the ball into the back of the net to put the Patriots ahead 1-0. After the first goal of the game the Comets stepped up as they took control of the ball giving themselves more chances at the goal. Southern Alamance didn’t back down as they kept drilling the ball at the net, but Delaney McKaughn was there for the saves. Ten minutes later on a corner kick from Southern Alamance, Emma Long popped her ankle up and she sent the ball in the net for the Patriots. Towards the end of the first half Asheboro kept pushing as Emma Trotter took a close attempt at the goal but was not successful. At the end of the first half Southern Alamance led 2-0.

Beginning the second half were the Patriots as took the first touch. Once again in the second half Southern Alamance was able to dribble around the Blue Comets defenders as they took the first attempt at the net. Asheboro started to communicate as a team as were able to take the ball down field to get more attempts at the goal. The Comets were able to out run the Patriots on the sideline as they crossed over the ball several times, but were unable to get a goal. Halfway through the second half Caroline Causey took a pass as she got around MaKaughn for the third goal of the night. Both teams continued with good touches and control of the ball as they traded the ball. Cagno was able to dribble her way down the field as she took an open shot for her second goal of the night. Cagno put the Patriots ahead 4-0. Under five minutes left in the game Long made her second goal of the night to give the Patriots a 5-0 lead. Southern Alamance would go on to finish with a 5-0 victory over the Comets to remain undefeated.



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