SWRMS cruises by SAMS

Stephanie King

The SAMS Comets ended their week with a home softball game against the SWRMS Cougars on Thursday afternoon. The Comets came into Thursday’s game sporting a 2-2 record, while the Cougars were 4-1 on the season.

SWRMS took control of this one early as they brought three runs across the plate in the first inning of play. With one run already on the board and Kynley Brewer on base, Caressa King stepped to the plate and hit a home run deep into the outfield. The Comets would pick up out number three shortly after the run. In the bottom of the first, the Cougars forced the Comets out of the inning with scoring a single run.

The Cougars sent their first three batters to the plate and all three made it on base. Lindsey Auman singled to score Caiden McDuffie and gave the Cougars a 4-0 lead. Molly Strider singled sending Carleigh Whitson towards home. Whitson was thrown out at home. Lexi Auman would be thrown out at home moments later after a single from Alexis Maness for out number two. Brewer was picked off at second moments later for out number three. The Cougars would force the Comets to go three up, three down in the bottom of the inning. After two innings of play, the Cougars led 4-0.

SAMS returned the favor in the top of the third as they forced the Cougars into a one, two, three inning. The Comets struggled during the first moments of the bottom of the inning, but they finally sent a runner across the plate with two outs on the board. Salem Lee would score on a bad throw after a single from Morgan Coward. SWRMS would get themselves out of the inning minutes later.

The Cougars were forced to go three up, three down in the top of the fourth inning and that left the door open for the Comets to cut into the lead. SAMS managed to bring one run across the plate in the bottom of the inning as Sarah Hildreth scored. After four innings, SAMS trailed SWRMS 4-2. SWRMS was quick to load the bases in the top of the fifth, but were only able to send one runner in to score. Molly Strider scored off a hit from Lindsey Beck before the Comets picked up the final two outs of the inning. SAMS could not bring a runner home in the bottom of the inning as the Cougars led 5-2.

SWRMS put the game away in the top of the sixth as they brought five runs across the plate. The Cougars loaded the bases and after the first out, Maness singled to score Whitson and Lexi Auman. Carley Everhart scored Lindsey Auman to give the Cougars an 8-2 lead. Brewer and King would score the final two runs of the inning off a hit from McDuffie. Down by eight, the Comets need to bring runners across the plate in the bottom of the inning if they wanted to stay in the game. Unfortunately, they were forced to go three up, three down. After six innings, SWRMS led 10-2.

SAMS’ defense kept the Cougars from scoring in the top of the seventh to give themselves a chance to cut into the lead. In the bottom of the inning, the Comets could only get two runners across home plate. Ky Perdue scored after stealing home to bring the Comets run total to three and Coward scored off a double from MaKena Ayers. SWRMS closed out the inning with an out to win the game 10-4.

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