SWRMS takes down RMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

Battling it out on the mats were the SWRMS Cougars and the RMS Tigers. With home advantage, the Cougars were ready to defended their home mat. The Tigers showed up hoping to gain another win but quickly fell behind 63-0. RMS fought hard and didn’t give up as they were able to score a pin. SWRMS took down RMS 92-6.

83lb: Luke White (SWRMS) pined Joe Brice (RMS)
90lb: Madison Farlow (SWRMS) pined Andrew Leunard (RMS)
98lb: Braydon Clapp (SWRMS) won by forfeit
106lb: Even Stefanor (SWRMS) pined John Gilmartin (RMS)
113lb: Victor Nunez (SWRMS) pined Nick Hill (RMS)
120lb: Tristin Richdson (SWRMS) pined Bryson Poe (RMS)
126lb: Joshua Castaneda (RMS) pined Adam Brauo (SWRMS)
132lb: Nathan Make (SWRMS) won by forfeit
138lb: Keaton McKee(SWRMS) pined Austin Van sparrentek (RMS)
145lb: Trent Latham (SWRMS) won by forfeit
152lb: Jaccoub Collie (SWRMS) won by forfeit
160lb: Lane Dalke (SWRMS) pined Zineal Ross (RMS)
170lb: Greyson (SWRMS) pined Logan Richardson (RMS)
182lb: Clay Sugg (SWRMS) pined Dakota Call (RMS)
195lb: Hunter Simpson (SWRMS) won by forfeit
220lb: Errest Robbins (SWRMS) pined Christian Diciuccio (RMS)
HWT: Conner Hayden (SWRMS) pined Cameron Hency (RMS)

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