SWRMS wins in straight sets

Stephanie King

The SWRMS Cougars hosted the NERMS Huskies for a volleyball doubleheader on Thursday afternoon.

In match number one, the Lady Cougars dominated their way to back to back set wins over the Huskies. The Cougars opened the first set with a 4-0 run before the Lady Huskies picked up two points to cut the lead to two. SWRMS retook their four-point lead, but NERMS would stick close. The Huskies cut the lead to two before SWRMS went on a run to get some separation. SWRMS led 12-7 before going on a 12-2 run to take the set 25-9.

NERMS took the first point of the second set, but the Cougars would respond with a 9-0 run for a 9-1 lead. The Huskies cut the lead to six twice over the next few serves before the Cougars used an 8-0 run to take a 19-5 lead. The Cougars closed out the set with a 6-3 run for a 25-8 set win. The Cougars took match number one 2 sets to 0.

The Lady Huskies stepped up their game in the first set of match number two as they opened with a 3-1 lead. SWRMS answered with a 5-0 run to take a 6-3 lead, but the Huskies would respond with a run of their own. A 4-0 run by the Huskies gave them a 7-6 lead, but SWRMS would tie the game at 7 moments later. NERMS worked together and used a 6-0 run to take a 13-7 lead over the Cougars. The Huskies stayed in front and eventually led 16-13 before the Cougars rallied with a 12-1 run to take the set 25-17.

SWRMS sent a knockout punch early in the second set as they took n 8-0 lead. NERMS picked up a couple points, but the Cougars already had a 13-3 lead. These two teams traded points until NERMS had the lead cut to five. Unfortunately, the Huskies could not quite catch up to the Cougars. They did however cut the lead back to five a 23-18 and then cut it to four at 23-19. The Cougars would pick up the final two points of the set to win 25-19. The Cougars took the match 2 sets to 0.

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