The Week in History: July 2-6

It is time for another “The Week in History” sponsored by Cox Family Practice! We will give you insight on what happened this week in history. As always if there is an event that happened this week in history that we did not mention, then feel free to let us know here in the comments section, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

July 2

1906: The NY Yankees won by forfeit for the first time
1943: The Indians defeated the Yankees 12-0 after scoring 12 runs in the fourth inning
1962: The 1st Wal-Mart store was opened by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas
1963: Giants defeated Braves 1-0 after a home run from Willie Mays in the 16th inning

July 3

1819: Bank of Savings in NYC opened (first savings bank in the US)
1932: Yankees defeated the Red Sox 13-2 in the first Sunday game at Fenway Park
1985: “Back to the Future” premiered
2014: “Guardians of the Galaxy” was released

July 4

1776: US declared its independence from Great Britain
1796: Independence Day was celebrated for the first time
1895: “America the Beautiful” was published by Katherine Lee Bates
1939: Lou Gehrig’s #4 was retired (first Yankee’s uniform to be retired

July 5

1937: Joe DiMaggio hit his first grand slam
1968: Wilt Chamberlain was traded to the LA Lakers from the Philadelphia 76ers
1994: Jeff Bezos founded
2009: Serena Williams defeated sister Venus for the 16th Wimbledon tennis title

July 6

1932: 1st All-Star Baseball game held, AL won 4-2
1945: Medal of Freedom established by President Harry Truman
1994: “Forrest Gump” premiered
2016: Pokemon Go was made available to the public

If you know of an event that happened next week in history, then lets us know and we  will it in next week’s “The Week in History” post.

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