Tigers score win with penalty kicks

Kaitlyn Mullins

Monday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Randleman Tigers for a conference matchup in varsity soccer.

Providence Grove took the first touch as they began the game on their home turf. The Tigers’ defense was able to take the ball as they carried it down the field into scoring range. Randleman led the way as they took the first attempt at the goal but came up short. Randleman’s offense opened up as they were able to carry the ball down the field surpassing the Patriots defense once again. Will Anderson was able to score within the first 2 minutes of the game but an offsides call canceled the goal. Providence Grove stepped up as they gained control of the ball to take their first attempt at the goal. Randleman’s goalie was there for the save to keep the game tied at 0-0. The Tigers lead the way in the first half as they contained a majority of the touches and carried the ball down the field. With 2 minutes left on the clock, Brando Martinez sent the ball into the back of the net as he put Randleman on the board. Providence Grove allowed the Tigers to hold the lead for a minute until Westley Frankel scored to put the Patriots on the board and tied the game at 1-1. At the half, the score remained 1-1.

Randleman started the second half as they quickly made their way down the field taking the first attempt at the goal. Providence Grove’s goalie was there for the save. Three minutes into the second half Keontae Phelps carried the ball straight to the net as he surpassed the goalie for the Patriots second goal of the night. The Tigers were able to get the ball down the field and took attempt after attempt but came up short every time. Randleman’s defense allowed the Patriots to dribble right through the middle as Phelps gained a hat-trick for his third goal of the night. Providence Grove led 3-1. Ten minutes later Stuart Perez shot from long range as he made it a 2-3 game. Both teams went up and down the field as they both took attempts at the goal but were unsuccessful. Providence Grove’s Phelps was awarded a red card for a punch and he was ejected from the game. The Patriots were forced to finish out the second half a man down. Randleman took advantage of the situation as Brando Martinez scored to tie the game at 3 all. Neither team was able to extend their lead as the second half came to an end. The game went into overtime as it was tied 3-3.

The Tigers took the first touch in overtime as they tried to make their way down the field. Providence Grove took their attempt first as they came up short. Randleman gained a run but was unable to score in the first 5 minute overtime.

Providence Grove had the first touch in the second five minute overtime period. Once again both teams battled it out as they went back and forth down the field. Randleman and Providence Grove both remained scoreless as the game was still tied at 3-3. The game came down to penalty kicks.

Taking the first kick was Kenneth Pierce as he made it for the Patriots. Bryan Jaimes was up as he tied the score at 1-1 for Randleman. Randleman’s goalie was able to block the Patriots next two shots as he allowed Randleman to take the lead. Caedmon Trivette and Yahir Lopez both nailed their shots giving Randleman a 3-1 lead. Isaisos Arellano was able to pass the Tigers goalie giving the Patriots 2 goals. Nestor Solorzano came up to the box as the pressure was on him as Randleman was one goal away from winning. Solorzano’s kick was good as he gave Randleman the win in penalty kicks.

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