Trinity takes a loss

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Trinity Bulldogs hosted Currituck County in the second round of the NCHSAA 2A State Women’s Soccer Playoffs.

Trinity would take the first touch as they began to make their way down the field. The Knights’ defense was able to take control of the ball and send it down field. Currituck County was able to take their first attempt at the goal but were unsuccessful. The Bulldogs gained control as they carried the ball down the field to take an attempt but the Knights goalie was there for the save. Currituck didn’t make it easy for the Bulldogs as they were able to step to the ball first as they made their way down the field into scoring range. The Knights were able to take long range attempts at the goal but were unable to score. Fourteen minutes into the first half Ryleigh Hammock scored the first goal for the Knights. Trinity kept pushing as they would gain a run with the ball to make an attempt. The Knights defense were able to stop the Bulldogs almost every time. With more touches, the Knights took attempt after attempt but were unable to score. As the clock ran down in the first half Annie Ammons assisted Cara Spry to the Knights second goal of the game. At the half Currituck County led 2-0.

In the second half Currituck County had the first touch on the ball. Trinity came out ready to play as they pressured the ball gaining control. The Bulldogs carried the ball right to the goal for their first attempt of he half but it was saved by the goalie. Just four minutes into the second half Ammons scored off of a corner kick to make it a 3-0 game. For majority of the second half both teams went back and forth down the field with the ball but were unable to score. Trinity was able to step up towards the end of the second half as they took attempt after attempt. With six minutes on the clock Alexia Altizer kicked a prefect corner kick to make it a 1-3 game. Currituck County was able to hold the Bulldogs as the clock ran out. The Bulldogs came up short and fell 3-1 to Currituck County.

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