Warriors hold Cougars

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the Southwestern Randolph Cougars faced off against the Wheatmore Warriors on day three of Copperhead Classic at McCrary Park.

Leading things off with back to back walks were Hernandez and Halo. The Cougars gained the first out as Hernandez tagged up for the first run of the night. Wheatmore used smart base running as Halo stole home to give the Warriors a 2-0 lead. Cox drew a walk before Smith made contact for a solo hit. With a strikeout, Southwestern Randolph allowed an RBI to Wishon. Wheatmore took a 3-0 lead. In the bottom of the first Marsh picked up a walk. The Warriors threw out the lead runner as LaPlant gained a solo hit. Wheatmore got two outs in a row to get out of the inning. After one inning, Wheatmore led 3-0.

Opening the top of the second was Payne and Hernandez as they both picked up base hits. With one out Payne tagged up to make it a 4-0 game. Taking one for the team by getting hit with a pitch was H. Smith. The Cougars gained their second out with a strikeout before giving up an RBI double by R. Smith. Wheatmore took a 6-0 lead. Keeping the bats rolling was Crites as he sent R. Smith home with a solo hit. The Warriors led 7-0 after the top of the second inning. Wheatmore forced the Cougars into a quick three up three down inning in the bottom of the second. After two complete, Wheatmore led 7-0. 

Hernandez helped the Warriors out with a base hit to lead off the third inning of play. Up next taking ball four was Halo. With one out the Cougars allowed Hernandez to tag up and give the Warriors an 8-0 lead. Southwestern Randolph picked up back to back strikeouts to end the inning. In the bottom of the inning, the Warriors picked up an out right away. Taking one for the team was Staker as he got hit with the ball. Wheatmore finished the inning leaving the runner stranded. After three innings the Warriors led 8-0. 

In the top of the fourth, the Cougars got two strikeouts in a row. Back to back base hits from Hurt and Payne put runners into scoring position for the Warriors. Southwestern Randolph ended the inning allowing no runs. Leading off the bottom of the fourth with a double was Hardin. Up next was Davis as he gained a solo hit. Wheatmore got back to back outs before Hardin used smart base running to tag up putting the Cougars on the board. Davis was sent home as an error was called on the pitcher. After four complete innings, Wheatmore led 8-2. 

Halo led off the top of the fifth with a walk. With one out, Southwestern Randolph gave up a free base to Green with a walk. The Cougars left both runners on base as they ended the inning. Clapp picked up a walk to start the bottom of the fifth. With one out, Clapp used smart base running to tag up and gave the Cougars 3 runs. With two outs Garner took a free base with a walk. Davis picked up an RBI single that sent Marsh home. After five innings, the Warriors held an 8-4 lead. 

In the sixth inning, Wishon took ball four for a walk. With one out Hernandez made contact for an RBI double that sent Wishon home. Payne took first base as the catcher dropped the third strike. Hernandez slid into home as he made it a 10-4 game. Halo took ball four as he made his way to first. The Warriors smart base running led them to an 11-4 lead. An RBI double from H. Smith sent Halo home. With two outs Wishon gained an RBI single as Cox and R. Smith both scored. Wheatmore led 15-4. In the bottom of the sixth Clapp picked up a base hit. With one out Clapp took ball four. Wheatmore turned a double play to finish the game. Wheatmore run-ruled the Cougars 15-4 in the bottom of the sixth. 

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