Wheatmore defeats Wildcats

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Wheatmore Warriors hosted the Eastern Randolph Wildcats for a matchup in basketball.

Nailing a three to begin the game was Cade Snotherly as he put the Wildcats on the board. Returning the favor was Gavin Rains as he swished a three-pointer. Driving the ball to the net was Kaeman Marley as he gave the Wildcats the lead. Rains popped up as he nailed another three for the Warriors. Marley continued to drive as he gave the Wildcats a one-point lead. Rains led the way as he made another basket. Drawing a foul for the Wildcats was Braxton Luther as he put them ahead 10-8. Rains finished the first quarter as he tied the game at 10 all.

Beginning the second quarter for Eastern Randolph was Zack Manley as he hit a three-pointer. Eastern Randolph took a 15-10 lead. Austin Biggs was sent to the line and made both free throws with ease. Rains scored off a putback to add two points to the Warriors total. Drawing back to back fouls for Wheatmore was Biggs and Zach Berrier. Wheatmore came back as Bryant Walker gave them a one-point lead. Driving the ball all the way to the hoop was Snotherly as he made it a 19-18 game. Biggs and Berrier would end the second quarter as they gave Wheatmore 24 points. Finishing the second quarter as Landon Collins as he made it a 23-24 game. At the half, Wheatmore led 24-23.

Biggs began the third quarter with a bucket to give the Warriors a three-point lead. Luther and Manley scored back to back as they made it a 28-29 game. Biggs grabbed a rebound as well as Matt Owens added a bucket to the Warriors total. Wheatmore pushed ahead as Berrier and Owens made it a ten point game. Nailing back to back three-pointers for the Wildcats was Snotherly as he gave them 34 points. Luther finished the third quarter on the line as he made both free throws with ease. Rains scored again to give the Warriors 44 points. After three complete quarters, Wheatmore led 44-36.

Marley began the fourth quarter with a bucket for the Wildcats. Eastern Randolph allowed the Warriors to go in an 18-0 run. Rains scored three points the old fashion way as well as a dunk, and Berrier made back to back baskets. Wheatmore led 65-38. Stepping back to shoot a wide open three was Jalen Jones. Ben Walker finished out the fourth quarter for the Warriors. Eastern Randolph finished the fourth quarter with a three as they had 44 points. Wheatmore defeated the Wildcats 68-44.

Top scorers for the Warriors were Gavin Rains with 32 points, Austin Biggs chipped in 12 points, and Zach Berrier finished with 11 points. For the Wildcats, Kaeman Marley led with 12 points, Braxton Luther had 10 points, and Cade Snotherly finished with 8 points.

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