Williams takes down Comets

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Asheboro Blue Comets faced the Bulldogs of Williams for a matchup in basketball.

Starting the Comets off with three was Noah Watkins. Williams didn’t waste any time as they took a 5-3 lead. Drawing a foul for the Comets was Tysean Freshwater as he made one out of the two free throws. Trevor Marsh drove the ball to the hoop as he gave the lead back to the Comets. Williams got back to back threes from Johnson and Graves. Haith stood under the basket as h toe scored on a putback. Watkins pulled up for a jump shot as he gave the Comets 8 points. The Bulldogs went on a 7-0 run as Johnson hit a three. Kejuan Logan and Latrell Moore cut the lead to 11 points for the Comets. Scoring three points the old fashion way was Miles. Ending the first quarter for the Comets was Moore. After one complete quarter, the Bulldogs led 26-14.

Opening the second quarter on the foul line was Freshwater as he made one free throw. Nate Fisher found an open shot as he scored for the Comets. Drawing a foul for the Bulldogs was Alston as he made both shots with ease. Sinking a three-pointer for the Comets was Watkins as he gave Asheboro 24 points. Williams went on another scoring spree as they increased their lead to 16 points. Helping the Bulldogs out were Alston and Johnson. The Comets finished the second quarter with 26 points as Logan knocked down a shot. Alston ended the second quarter as he gave the Bulldogs 42 points. At the half, Williams led 42-26.

Johnson led the way for the Bulldogs as he made back to back baskets to start the third quarter. Scoring the Comets first bucket in the third quarter was Tatum Marsh. Continuing to push the Bulldogs ahead was Johnson as he gave Williams a 24 point lead. Asheboro picked up two baskets in a row as Logan and Moore closed the gap to 20 points. Williams would finish out the third quarter as they led 56-32.

In the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs were the first to score. Freshwater popped up for a jump shot and Trevor Marsh scored three points the old fashion way as they added 5 points to the board. Nailing a three for the Bulldogs was Dabney. The Comets kept pushing as Freshwater drove the ball to the hoop and scored. Shooting two free throws for the Comets was Moore as he made both baskets with ease. Williams would take another 6-0 run as they led 74-43. Tatum Marsh and Logan would finish out the game for the Comets as had 47 points. Williams would take a victory over the Comets 78-47.

Top scorers for the Bulldogs were Johnson with 22 points, Alston had 12 points, and Miles chipped in 10 points. For the Comets, Noah Watkins, Latrell Moore, and Kajuan Logan all finished with 8 points each.

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